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Hello and hope you’ve had a good week…

Two especially big announcements this week to tell you about.

We now accept bitcoin If you wish to pay by bitcoin, contact by message over at Discogs/Bookogs/Filmogs and the payment will be arranged. We are using the same payment system as some major companies and brands around the world. We believe this to be a great addition to the other payment options already offered. We are very interested to hear what you think about bitcoin.

We will be listing DVD and VHS on filmogs filmogs launched its Marketplace yesterday and we have some DVD and VHS titles ready to be listed! You will find them trickling on over the next handful of weeks. You’ll find the link to us in the Profile and Shipping Information on Discogs or go here.

More CDs, Cassettes and Vinyl will be listed this week, keep your eyes peeled, these will be across all sorts of genres and styles, we believe in stocking a wide variety of genres and formats for a wide choice.

Play grading focus This week we focus on the Akai 4000DS that’s used for Reel to Reel play grading, xagu on HiFi engine gives this 5 stars and says ‘Great little reel to reel. Amazing sound.’ Don’t forget, we are always able to play grade anything you wish to buy.

Podcast and/or YouTube? Would you like to see/hear podcasts and/or YouTube videos from us? We’d like to know.

Did you know? Ozzy Osbourne came a cropper when a catapult malfunctioned during his 1981 Diary Of A Madman tour. A catapult was supposed to throw meat into the audience but due to a fault when Ozzy put his foot on a lever, several pounds of offal hit the singer on the back of his head. (thanks to thisdayinmusic for this).

That’s it for this week, thanks as always for supporting us and to our customers, past, present and future.

Speak soon, John from mandersmedia


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The week in mandersmedia

Hello and I hope you’ve had a good week…

We are 100! We have had over 100 feedbacks for items purchased on Discogs, we always value feedback from customers and always interested in your ideas.

Play grading equipment focus. This week, we will focus on the amplifier, the Pioneer SA-1000. This is a Class A Amplifier from the early 1970s and has a beautiful sound, great features like a ‘mode’ selector which allows you to listen in mono or just left and right channels or even reverse the channels! Take a look at more information.

PledgeMusic. As you know, we are very interested in supporting music here at mandersmedia, we are supporters and donators to Help Musicians UK, a fantastic musicans’ related cause so, you’ll start seeing posts from PledgeMusic. If you haven’t already heard of it, It’s a great way to connect artists and fans and for crowdfunding.

We’re moving to sensible pricing! Tired of seeing £3.84, £4.82, £0.87? We’re moving to more sensible pricing ending with a ‘9’, we hope you find this easier and less silly!

Price reductions You’ll find the regular weekly Price Reductions have been completed as we always aim to remain competitive in our pricing.

Adding more releases! As always, we will adding more releases, especially over this Bank Holiday (UK), keep your eyes peeled!

Did you know? ‘In 2009, Shina Twain was rated as having the Perfect Face, by scientists. The study, led by the University of Toronto and the University of California suggested her face has a perfect set of geometric measurements, based on the Golden Ratio.’ (thanks to

That’s all this week, have a great week ahead! John from mandersmedia


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Goldmine Magazine Allman Brothers Band to release 2003 ‘Peach Picks: Cream Of The Crop’

“Peach Picks: Cream Of The Crop 2003” — a 4-disc set, out in May (and dedicated to the memory of Gregg Allman), features curated selections from six summer shows.

The post Allman Brothers Band to release 2003 ‘Peach Picks: Cream Of The Crop’ appeared first on Goldmine Magazine.

from Goldmine Magazine
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Discogs Blog On The Record: King Tuff

Kyle Thomas – aka King Tuff – describes ‘The Other’ as “basically where songs come from, it’s the hidden world, it’s the mystery. It’s the invisible hand that guides you whenever you make something. It’s the thing I had to rediscover—the sort of voice I had to follow—to bring me back to making music again […]

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Alex Ross: The Rest Is Noise Our Hitler

The Hitler Vortex. The New Yorker, April 30, 2018.

from Alex Ross: The Rest Is Noise
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Classic Album Sundays Classic Album Sundays Sydney and The Australian Museum present AIR ‘Music for Museum’

In AIR’s discography, Music for Museum is a bit of an enigma. Few are aware of its actual existence. As an official release, it only exists as 1000 limited copies worldwide, carefully crafted by The Vinyl Factory in London and little, if no promotion was made at the time.

It is the result of an initiative called Open Museum led by the Palais des Beaux-Arts de Lille, a museum of fine arts which hosts France’s largest collection outside of Paris. The idea was to give a wild card to a guest coming from a different discipline to bring a new light on the permanent collection that tends to be overlooked while temporary exhibitions receive most of the public attention.

For its first edition in 2014, AIR was approached to create a musical soundscape to complement the spaces of the museum and selected artworks ranging from Dirk Bouts’ 15th century paintings to the Chinese multimedia artist Yi Zhou.

The nine tracks that compose Music for Museum are the first soundtrack for a museum and AIR’s most ambient work to date. “We’ve tried to approach two types of music, one that draws on matter and another on emotions” said bandmember Nicolas Godin. The record itself is akin to an exhibition catalogue rather than an album.

When asked about the difference between a movie soundtrack and a soundtrack for a museum, Godin said:

“Actually, it’s like [Woody Allen’s] The Purple of Rose of Cairo in which you walk into the film, something that people don’t have the opportunity to do at the movies, so there’s another degree of experience. Paradoxically, it’s more intense.”

Music for Museum is a very site specific piece and was produced with the Palais des Beau-Arts’ acoustics in mind. The large atrium’s 7.5-second reverb was reproduced in the studio for the recording.

Now, Sydneysiders will have the unique opportunity to hear this rare work in full, on super high-end audio equipment, for an immersive listening experience in the Australian Museum’s iconic Westpac Long Gallery. Adding to the occasion, this special event takes place on International Museum Day.

Our partners Synergy Audio Visual have put together an audio system that will fill the gorgeous space with Air’s enchanting ambient sounds while you wander the gallery and take in 200 of the Museum’s treasures.

There are two separate 90-min sessions of MUSIC FOR MUSEUM, one at 6pm and one at 7:30pm. Tickets are $39 each (with lower concession and member rates), and are available to purchase via the Museum here.

Please join and share the event page: Air: Music For Museum, presented with Classic Album Sundays

Date and Time: 18th May 2018 6pm or 7.30pm

Venue: Atrium and Westpac Long Gallery, Australian Museum, 1 William Street, Sydney, NSW, 2010 Australia

Tickets: Adult $39 / Concession $36 / Member $33 available here

The audio menu is supplied by our good friends at Synergy Audio Visual.

Speakers: Sonus Faber Amati Tradition. Power Amplifier: Macintosh MC452. Preamplifier: Macintosh C52. Turntable: Rega RP8. Moving Coil Cartridge: Apheta 2. Power Conditioner: IsoTek EVO3 Aquarius . Speaker cable: Sarum T

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The Real Mick Rock “My ambition was not to be a great photographer, though…

Ionarts #morninglistening to #GrazynaBacewicz’s #ChamberMusic…

#morninglistening to #GrazynaBacewicz’s #ChamberMusic w/#KrystianZimerman on @dgclassics
#classicalmusic #ChamberMusic #classicalmusiccollection #pianosonata #solokeyboard #pianoquintet #grażynabąkiewicz
via Instagram

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Composer of the Week Giuseppe Verdi

Donald Macleod pieces together the truths as he traces Verdi’s life and music.

from Composer of the Week
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Ionarts #morninglistening to #SirNevilleMarriner w/@ASMForchestra in…

#morninglistening to #SirNevilleMarriner
w/@ASMForchestra in #Tippett on Argo/@deccaclassics
#FantasiaConcertante #Concerto for Double #StringOrchestra
#classicalcdcollection #classicalmusic #classicalmusiccollection #AcademyOfStMartinInTheFields
#MichaelTippett #orchestralmusic #20stCenturyMusic #Decca
Tippett Good; Tippett Good Now!


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Richer Unsigned Artist Of The Week: Zkeletonz

This week’s Artist Of The Week is Zkeletonz. Hailing from a few different parts of the UK, this colourful and bombastic trio makes infectious and catchy synthesizer-laden post-pop, with an energetic vibe you can’t help but surrender to! With catchy hooks that fans of MGMT, LCD Soundsystem and Scissor Sisters will love, we highly recommend checking out our favourite song “Don’t Cover It Up” right this minute:

The post Artist Of The Week: Zkeletonz appeared first on Richer Unsigned.

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