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Hello and hope you’ve had a good week…

Two especially big announcements this week to tell you about.

We now accept bitcoin If you wish to pay by bitcoin, contact by message over at Discogs/Bookogs/Filmogs and the payment will be arranged. We are using the same payment system as some major companies and brands around the world. We believe this to be a great addition to the other payment options already offered. We are very interested to hear what you think about bitcoin.

We will be listing DVD and VHS on filmogs filmogs launched its Marketplace yesterday and we have some DVD and VHS titles ready to be listed! You will find them trickling on over the next handful of weeks. You’ll find the link to us in the Profile and Shipping Information on Discogs or go here.

More CDs, Cassettes and Vinyl will be listed this week, keep your eyes peeled, these will be across all sorts of genres and styles, we believe in stocking a wide variety of genres and formats for a wide choice.

Play grading focus This week we focus on the Akai 4000DS that’s used for Reel to Reel play grading, xagu on HiFi engine gives this 5 stars and says ‘Great little reel to reel. Amazing sound.’ Don’t forget, we are always able to play grade anything you wish to buy.

Podcast and/or YouTube? Would you like to see/hear podcasts and/or YouTube videos from us? We’d like to know.

Did you know? Ozzy Osbourne came a cropper when a catapult malfunctioned during his 1981 Diary Of A Madman tour. A catapult was supposed to throw meat into the audience but due to a fault when Ozzy put his foot on a lever, several pounds of offal hit the singer on the back of his head. (thanks to thisdayinmusic for this).

That’s it for this week, thanks as always for supporting us and to our customers, past, present and future.

Speak soon, John from mandersmedia


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The week in mandersmedia

Hello and I hope you’ve had a good week…

We are 100! We have had over 100 feedbacks for items purchased on Discogs, we always value feedback from customers and always interested in your ideas.

Play grading equipment focus. This week, we will focus on the amplifier, the Pioneer SA-1000. This is a Class A Amplifier from the early 1970s and has a beautiful sound, great features like a ‘mode’ selector which allows you to listen in mono or just left and right channels or even reverse the channels! Take a look at more information.

PledgeMusic. As you know, we are very interested in supporting music here at mandersmedia, we are supporters and donators to Help Musicians UK, a fantastic musicans’ related cause so, you’ll start seeing posts from PledgeMusic. If you haven’t already heard of it, It’s a great way to connect artists and fans and for crowdfunding.

We’re moving to sensible pricing! Tired of seeing £3.84, £4.82, £0.87? We’re moving to more sensible pricing ending with a ‘9’, we hope you find this easier and less silly!

Price reductions You’ll find the regular weekly Price Reductions have been completed as we always aim to remain competitive in our pricing.

Adding more releases! As always, we will adding more releases, especially over this Bank Holiday (UK), keep your eyes peeled!

Did you know? ‘In 2009, Shina Twain was rated as having the Perfect Face, by scientists. The study, led by the University of Toronto and the University of California suggested her face has a perfect set of geometric measurements, based on the Golden Ratio.’ (thanks to

That’s all this week, have a great week ahead! John from mandersmedia


Featured post Royal Weddings: The best classical music choices


The Wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle (2018): Motet 'If ye love me' (Tallis)

The choir of St George’s Chapel, Windsor had few windows in which to shine at Harry and Meghan’s wedding but, goodness, did they shine in Tallis’s sublime two-minute motet. Tallis keeps things simple throughout, with a mix of straight-forward homophonic writing and delicately-scored counterpoint. And it was performed with exquisite poise, perfect tuning and beautiful restraint.


The Wedding of Prince Charles and Lady Diana Spencer (1981): 'Let the Bright Seraphim' (Handel)

From the stunning overhead shots of a wedding dress train that seemed to stretch half the length of St Paul’s Cathedral to the nervous bride coming unstuck with the names Charles, Philip, Arthur and George, memories of the 1981 wedding of Prince Charles and Lady Diana Spencer still linger strongly. For music lovers, those memories include, during the signing of the register, a radiantly joyful performance of ‘Let the bright Seraphim’ from Handel’s Samson. Doing the honours alongside the Bach Choir was New Zealand soprano Kiri Te Kanawa, who was immediately propelled to superstardom.



The Wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton (2011): Ubi Caritas (Paul Mealor)

Paul Mealor came to the world’s attention in 2011, when his Ubi Caritas was performed at Westminster Abbey. The gig was as high profile as it gets: the wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton. ‘The attention it brought has been phenomenal,’ Mealor told BBC Music Magazine, ‘I’ve had a lot of letters and e-mails from people which I’d never really received before. And from all over the world, too – I’ve had 15,000 emails! It’s been amazing.’

The warm, meditative anthem, so beautifully performed at the royal occasion by the Choir of Westminster Abbey, and the Choir of Her Majesty's Chapel Royal, St James’s Palace and James O’Donnell, sets the words of an early Christian hymn: ‘Where charity and love are, God is there. Let us come together in God's love and let us love each other with a sincere heart.’

The Wedding of Prince Edward and Sophie Rhys-Jones (1999): 'Crown Imperial' (Walton)

Walton’s most regal anthem has become a bit of a go-to piece for royal occasions since its first airing at the 1937 coronation of King George VI, for which it was composed. When Prince Edward married Sophie Rhys Jones at St George’s Chapel, Windsor, on 19 June 1999, the music was chosen as recessional music (alongside the Toccata from Widor’s fifth symphony). It was also used for William and Kate’s exit from Westminster Abbey in 2011.

The Funeral of Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother (2002): Prelude and Fugue in E flat BWV552 (Bach)

Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother’s funeral at Westminster Abbey was part mourning, part celebration of a full, dutiful life, mirrored in the abundant music. Purcell’s Funeral Sentences, a movement from Brahms’s Requiem, the hymn Cwm Rhondda plus anthems by Williams McKee and Harris (amongst much else) were rounded off by one of Bach’s greatest and longest preludes and fugues: the magnificent three-part E-flat BWV 552. Grand French influences combine with filigree counterpoint and a final fugal section that sees Bach in full majesty as the principal theme thunders forth on the pedals.

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The Real Mick Rock “Iggy was a primal force, the like of which has never been…

Ionarts #morninglistening to #JohannStrauss & Josef w/#CarlosKleiber…

#morninglistening to #JohannStrauss & Josef w/#CarlosKleiber & @vienna_phil in the @Musikverein
on @sony_classical
#classicalmusic #classicalmusiccollection #waltz #orchestral #classicalcdcollection #orchestralmusic #NewYearsConcert #Neujahrskonzert #noFilter #wienerphilharmoniker
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New video by Richer Unsigned on YouTube

Alex Bloom @ Record Store Day 2018 | Richer Unsigned

View on YouTube
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Richer Unsigned Newton Faulkner live to celebrate Record Store Day 2018

As the spring sunshine starts to warm up London, music fans and vinyl enthusiasts alike start to get amped up to celebrate Record Store Day! With exclusive releases available and many exciting activities happening, it’s a great opportunity to visit and support your local record shop.

We returned once again to London’s historic Berwick Street, home to some of the city’s best record shops where we joined up with the Richer Sounds pop-up shop and market stall, handing out coveted Richer Sounds goodie bags filled to the brim with special treats. As the festivities on Berwick Street wound down, we made our way over to the beautiful St. Pancras New Church to get things ready before the curtains went up on our exclusive money-can’t-buy event with Newton Faulkner to celebrate the release of our third ‘Best of Unsigned’ vinyl.

Starting off the night was a lineup of fantastic artists appearing on the Richer Unsigned Best of Unsigned vinyl, who were selected by Newton himself as support. For those who may not be aware, Richer Unsigned was created by Julian Richer, Founder of Richer Sounds, as a way to give back to back to musicians. Richer Unsigned is strictly not-for-profit and champions ALL musicians; those who may be just getting started, who have been in the industry a while or simply don’t have a great label deal. As long as the music is great, they do all they can to get talent heard!

First to the stage was Ben Pavely, a singer-songwriter originally from the West Midlands. Now based in Liverpool, the 23 year old artist has managed to achieve a lot in a short space of time. Playing shows all around the country with the likes of Lucy Rose, Frances and many others. Being compared to artists such as Ben Howard and Matt Corby, it’s easy to see why his music has captured the attention of audiences everywhere. His song “I Tried” features on the ‘Best of Unisgned’.

Next up was Alex Bloom, all the way from Los Angeles! Subtle traces of his biggest influences from a forgotten era can be heard in his use of harmony and melody, but his unique sense of songwriting is entirely his own. At just 24, Bloom harnesses deeply personal and emotional topics in his songwriting as though he’s spilling his guts right to you.

Rounding out the support acts was Amaroun, the latest project from London-based British-Caribbean artist Jay Brown, existing at the sonic crossroads where Erykah Badu, Eels, PJ Harvey and Feist meet. Songs about coming out, moving up and not being kept down, Amaroun creates a truly unique form of kaleidoscopic pop music for the 21st century. While Amaroun often performs as a larger band, we were treated to a beautifully stripped back performance, highlighted wonderfully in “Bed Bugs”, the song that appears on the record.

After a brief intermission, it was time for the main event! Our good friend Newton Faulkner took to the stage, and after a brief check in with the audience, he proceeded to show us a level of showmanship and musicianship that only comes from years of performing. His first few songs were performed solo (and for the first time in shoes, according to Newton), showcasing his unique playing style of using the guitar as a percussive instrument as well as a melodic one.

Then, as an incredibly special treat, Newton was joined on stage by a string quartet to perform a handful of songs in a piano and strings arrangement, which was made all the more stunning working with the natural acoustics of the church.

After the quartet made a speedy exit, Newton treated us to a few more numbers, completely bringing down the house and receiving a well-deserved standing ovation, capping off an amazing night of full of beautiful music.

We wish to say a huge thank you to all the staff and volunteers who helped make this event happen, the talented Unsigned artists, and a very special thank you to Newton Faulkner for a truly unforgettable evening of music.

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Ionarts #morninglistening to #RichardWagner w/#HerbertvonKarajan &…

#morninglistening to #RichardWagner w/#HerbertvonKarajan & @BerlinPhil, remastered on @WarnerClassics
Happy birthday #Wagner
#tristanundisolde #Karajan
#opera #germanromanticism #classicalmusic #tristan #classicalmusiccollection #berlinphilharmonic #classicalcdcollection #vocalmusic
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New video by Richer Unsigned on YouTube

Alex Bloom @ Record Store Day 2018 | Richer Unsigned

View on YouTube
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New video by Richer Unsigned on YouTube

Amaroun @ Record Store Day 2018 | Richer Unsigned

View on YouTube
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New video by Richer Unsigned on YouTube

Julian’s talk RSD18

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