Hi all, a few things in the pipeline this week to share with everyone. At the moment, the shipping prices are being expanded to give more options when purchasing from mandersmedia, the United Kingdom prices have already been added and this now means there are no weight limits, just order what you like and the automatic checkout shipping service will give you a price no matter what quantity you wish to order! The Intrnational service will include automatic shipping prices up to 10kg (up from 2kg) with an option to get a price for weights above this; this is currently being worked on. mandersmedia are using Parcelforce Worldwide for the additional shipping options, this is a body that’s recognised by the EMS.


The taglines on the Blog (here) on Faceook and Twitter have been amended to more accurately reflect what mandersmedia is all about.

This is now viewed in 27 countries and rising, as always, thanks again for your support, it’s always appreciatws; if you like what you see, please share this with others.

You may have noticed on the Classical-music.com posts it states ‘Rating: 0’, this is not mandersmedia giving the post a ‘0’, it’s simply the way it gets posted. mandersmedia thinks they’re great posts!

Hope you’re enjoying the Songlines playlists that are being posted and that they’re enriching your musical pallette, the Fania playlist is being particularly enjoyed here.


As always look out for the price reduced post later.

Thanks very much for reading, please send us your feedback as it would be great to read it.