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March 2017

The week in mandersmedia: worldwide shipping for FREE!, cassettes added, reel to reel coming soon, countries, price reductions

FREE shipping worldwide!


A reminder that worldwide shipping for FREE was launched last week, that’s for a spend of £20.00 or more in the United Kingdom and £50.00 or more Internationally! It gives a great opportunity to save and also make lower priced items more affordable (did you know there are 29 items for sale under £0.50!).



cassettes added


Some cassettes have been added within the last week, around 20 of them, very diverse range from Rock, Pop and some Easy Listening, check out all cassettes at mandersmedia.



Reel to Reel coming soon

Reel-to-Reel (Open Reel) will be appearing soon to buy at mandersmedia, it’s become really popular again… It would be interesting to find out from you what you think of this format…



50 countries!


… and to the weekly country count… this Blog is now being viewed in 50 countries! Thank you to everyone whose helped by reading it, 75 Countries is the next step, please spread the word if you like what you see in this Blog…



reductions post…


By the time you read this, the Price Reductions will be published for you to look through, hoping there’s something of value to you.


Watch out next week for tales of filing cabinets and fluffy toys…

On that cliffhanger, have a great week and see you next time…



Price reductions at mandersmedia…

So here are the price reductions for this time, as always, it’s hoped you find something you want at a price that’s atrractive to you…

Walton*, Philharmonia Orchestra, Bernard Haitink – Symphony Nº1 (His Master’s Voice) LP was £16.30, now £10.51

Frazier Chorus – Sloppy Heart (4AD) 12″ was £3.57, now £2.57

Simply Red – Greatest Hits (EastWest) Cass, Comp was £1.31, now £1.00

Tina Turner – What’s Love Got To Do With It (Parlophone, Parlophone) Cass, Album was £7.88, now £1.99

There they are! They are in the mandersmedia store right now at these prices…


Goldmine Magazine Positively Jones Street

The owner of the store Record Runner, on Manhattan’s Jones Street, has experienced the iconic power of “The Freewheelin’ Bob Dylan” cover image firsthand.

The post Positively Jones Street appeared first on Goldmine Magazine.

from Goldmine Magazine
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The Real Mick Rock Thank you to Forbes for this fantastic review of Magnolia…

The Real Mick Rock A very happy birthday to Atlanta de Cadenet Taylor!

Discogs Blog

What’s It Like To Be A Professional Record Collector? Ask Marc Janssen While looking into Motown collections a while back, I came across a photograph of a complete collection of Motown LPs which had been exhibited at a previous edition of the Utrecht Mega Record and CD Fair. I found out that the collection was owned by Dutch record collector, Marc Janssen. It turned out that most of the images […] SoLil posted 20 minutes ago

from Discogs Blog
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JazzWax Video: Bobby Jaspar, 1958

Screen Shot 2017-03-30 at 9.03.02 PM

Since we’re on a bit of a flute kick, let’s end the week with Belgian flutist (and saxophonist) Bobby Jaspar. In the following video clip, he’s performing in Cannes, France, in July 1958 with Donald Byrd (tr), Walter Davis Jr. (p), Doug Watkins (b) and Art Taylor (d). They’re playing a contrafact on I’ll Remember April—a contrafact being a newly invented melody on top of the chord changes of an existing established song.


Dig Jaspar’s swinging flute and the impeccable quality of Byrd’s muted trumpet, not to mention the regal bop played by Davis, the taught bass lines of Watkins and the drive of AT’s brushes. Here’s the clip (for my European friends, who may find the U.S. clip inoperable, I suggest typing “Donald Byrd Quintet + Cannes 1958” into the YouTube search bar)…

from JazzWax
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This day in music On this Day March 31, 2001

Whitney Houston
and husband Bobby Brown were banned for life from Hollywood’s Bel Air hotel after wrecking their room. Hotel workers said a TV was smashed, two doors were ripped of their hinges and the walls and carpets were stained by alcohol. It was reported that Whitney called in her lawyers to plead with the hotel management not to call the police. The suite was so badly damaged it had to be shut for five days for repairs.

from This day in music
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Goldmine Magazine Filled with the sound of native americana to TV nostalgia

The Filled With Sound blog reports on native americana, southern rock, blues x3, soul deluxe and TV nostalgia.

The post Filled with the sound of native americana to TV nostalgia appeared first on Goldmine Magazine.

from Goldmine Magazine
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