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On Sunday, October 18, 1987, Warne Marsh was leading a quartet at a San Francisco concert. The performance was held just two months before the cool-jazz tenor saxophonist would collapse and die of a heart attack on stage at Donte’s in North Hollywood at age 60.


Backing Marsh in San Francisco was Larry Koonse (g), Seward McCain (b) and Jim Zimmerman (d). They were performing a “Jazz In Flight” concert on the stage of the Children’s Day School (above), which had been founded four years earlier and based in a historic building that once housed Notre Dame High School, a parochial school. Fortunately, three songs performed at the concert were taped with what appears to be a single hand-held camera by someone who knew what they were doing. The tape was recently discovered either by guitarist John Klopotowski or John uploaded it for the source. A special thanks to Matt LeGroulx for hipping me to these clips, which just went up days ago at YouTube…

Here’s It’s You Or No One

Here’s What Is This Thing Called Love

And here’s Easy Living

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