Hello everyone, hope you’ve all had a great week…


more vinyl

Vinyl lovers… keep your eyes peeled on items being added this week as there’s all sorts from a variety of genres. Here at mandersmedia, it’s believed to include the widest range of genres so whether you’re into Rock or Brass & Military, Jazz or Stage & Screen, there will be something there for you.



read in 53 countries!

This blog has so far been read in 53 Countries this year and over 1000 hits! Thank you – as always – to those who have been here and read and shared articles from here. This was never intended to be (and won’t be) a ‘sales space’ for mandersmedia, it was designed to be a resource of music information right from the start to dip into to get an update on your favourite genres of music.



Easter music…

For a bit of fun, as it is the Easter period, here’s a search of all the items for sale that have Easter or related content on them, click here to go see!



Oasis for under £1…

By now, you would’ve seen the Price Reductions, quite a few Oasis items from their 90’s period, all for under £1.00 each!



That’s it for this week, for those celebrating the Easter period one way or another, enjoy the chocolate! mandersmedia.