Hello everyone and hope you’ve had a great week…

Here at mandersmedia, we are format agnostic, already you’ll find cassettes as well as vinyl, in the future, Open Reel (Reel to Reel) after acquiring the lovely Sharp RD708V, 3 speed, 4 track Stereo machine.

teleton 8 track

Next on the agenda is 8 Track, in the next few days, mandermedia will have a Teleton 8 Track and Amplfier combination. As a play grading service is always available, this will enable the grading of cartridges before being sold.


pile-old-vinyl-records-closeup-43287271There was quite an influx of vinyl into mandersmedia in the last week, around 100, from a wide variety of genres, including Funk/Soul, Classical, Brass & Military, Rock, Country etc, take a look…
yellow_chick_print-r4f64a2931a5a42ed9c3eeeb804219208_w8t_8byvr_324Don’t forget to check out the various mandersmedia websites coming online, spotlight this week is on mandersmedia.cheap, everything on this site is the equivalent of £1.00 or less (about 1.18 Euro, 1.29 Dollar, 146.10 Yen) each! It’s a great place to pick up a bargain or build a starter collection very quickly. Have a dig and pick up some bargains!


LaserPolyHere at mandersmedia, we’re forever trying to think of ways of improving the presentation of parcels when you receive them, after getting a laser printer, we are now in the position to use labels on parcels rather than stuck on pieces of paper, a small incremental change which is hoped you’ll feel looks better…


Marketing-con-Blogs-Por-que-no-intentarloOur Blog rendering service that’s used on some of the stream has been upgraded so you’ll find in the coming days, Blogs with a more friendly and useful layout, starting with the Discogs Blog, please feed back what you think of the new looks Blogs when they launch..


didYouKNowGraphic_3Did you know ‘During nine weeks in 1968, three consecutive UK number 1’s had a Beatles connection. ‘Hey Jude’ by The Beatles reached No.1, followed by the Paul McCartney-produced Mary Hopkin single ‘Those Were The Days’, which was followed by Joe Cocker’s version of The Beatles’ ‘With A Little Help From My Friends.” (courtesy of thisdayinmusic.com)



The price reductions are out in the wild, posted a few hours ago… grab them before they escape!!



That’s it for this week, please see the contact form below, use it for any personal feedback you have, otherwise, please feel free to leave comments in the usual place.

Thanks, John (founder of mandersmedia)