CORRODED have landed on PledgeMusic with the full CORRODED catalogue on Vinyl. For the first time ever CORRODED are releasing their first three albums – Eleven Shades Of Black, State Of Disgrace and Exit To Transfer – on vinyl. As a special addition, their most recent release on the Defcon Zero label is also being made available in a new white vinyl edition.

CORRODED are one of Sweden’s leading lights in the metal world and expect to hear a lot more from them in the not-too-distant future. In the meantime, we grabbed a few minutes with the band’s singer Jens Westin to tell us a bit about the PledgeMusic campaign and their plans for the future…


Tell us about your latest PledgeMusic project(s)?

Well, first of all, we wanted to do something both our fans and ourselves dreamt of since the release of our first album: get our back catalogue out on vinyl. This is a way for us to make that happen. To make this even more special we decided to add some exclusive stuff that will make our die-hard fans go crazy! We have the best fans and we almost consider some of them as family. We always try to give a little extra to our most devoted fans, so this is a chance for them and also new fans to get a treat. We got everything from used strings and drum skins to other exclusive stuff, which I don’t want to announce just yet. If you want a chance to get these items, you need to join our pledge and stay updated…. all the good stuff is going to go very fast!

CORRODED formed in 2004 and quickly went from ‘unknown’ to ‘household names’ in your native Sweden. What can you remember about that time and how did it affect you all?

It all actually happened in 2009 when we released the single ‘Time And Again’, and had the opportunity to have that song featured on Expedition Robinson, the Swedish version of the Survivor TV franchise. From there, it kind of exploded. We had all been playing for many years before CORRODED, but this opened up a lot of doors and gave us the opportunity to do a lot of things that hadn’t been possible before.

Which is your favourite of the three back catalogue albums; Eleven Shades Of Black, State Of Disgrace or Exit To Transfer in your current PledgeMusic campaign and can you explain why?

It’s impossible for me to choose just one of these albums since they are in a sense, my babies. I do also believe that you need to have all of them because I think that they show our progression as a band.

After a 5 year hiatus, your new album Defcon Zero is your first release on Despotz Records. How’s it all going and what are your ambitions with Despotz?

It’s been going really well with Defcon Zero, and our plan together with Despotz is, as usual, total and absolute world domination (but in a good way)…

You’ve just played the Sweden Rock Festival, tells us a little about that experience.    

We had an awesome time at the Sweden Rock Festival. We did not have any high expectations of the show since we played rather early on the last day, but man was we wrong.


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