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September 19, 2017

PledgeMusic News Aly & AJ Release Music Video for “Take Me”


Former Disney stars Aly & AJ recently returned with their first song in 10 years, “Take Me” — the first single featured on their forthcoming EP. After making waves with the release of the song, they have unveiled the vampire-themed music video for “Take Me,” which you can watch now on Cosmopolitan.

“Staged in a mid-century home at odds with vampiric life, we pushed the video into the genre territory of our ’80s dreams as funneled through the minds of Chris Horan (stylist) and Elissa Ruminer (hair and makeup), with inspiration and armor from the clothing of Harris Reed,” the sisters told Billboard.

Pre-order Aly & AJ’s new EP to get an instant download of “Take Me,” and get your hands on exclusive bundles, merch, reserve VIP experiences and more inside.


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Discogs Blog Essential Wax with Portugal. The Man

Earlier this summer, Portugal. The Man finally released the record that they’ve hinted at for years…’Woodstock’. As the Pitchfork headline reads “The Alaska psych-pop group have embraced modern-rock glitz and EDM bombast” and that they did! ‘Woodstock‘ is a complete departure from the band’s indie-psych-pop history and as the band warned with t-shirts before the […]

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Goldmine Magazine Vinyl Values: The Raspberries 45 discography

Each week we will pick an artist and post a selected discography from our latest Record Album Price Guide, 9th Edition. This week will be The Raspberries.

The post Vinyl Values: The Raspberries 45 discography appeared first on Goldmine Magazine.

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Discogs Blog Top 30 Most Expensive Records Sold On Discogs – July 2017

We’ve got obscure prog at the top, rare Madonna and Springsteen singles dotting the landscape, and jazz, jazz, jazz everywhere. Yep: it’s time for the July edition of the Top 30 Most Expensive Records Sold in the Discogs Marketplace. The unusual LP at the number one spot this month is Motherlight, a 1970 release (and […]

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Ionarts Forbes Classical CD Of The Week: C-P-Eppreciation! Or: The Rescue For Bach Junior

…What unexpected Joy! But I am getting ahead of myself. Let me lower expectations, first: The Gallant style wedged between late Baroque and the Classical style, of which Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach is one of the most prominent proponents, largely escapes our aesthetic. I remember well hearing a performance of his oratorio, Die Auferstehung und Himmelfahrt Jesu, at the Salzburg Mozart Week

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Classic Album Sundays Rocky Mountain Audio Fest Album Blogs: Carole King ‘Tapestry’

The core of Carole King’s Tapestry is its beautiful simplicity as its seemingly uncomplicated lyrics conjure a profound emotional conversation. Her piano-playing is part of this dialogue as one can sense her close bond with the instrument as she uses her voice to create a call-and-response with its keys. While other instruments were added to the final mix, there’s an undeniable focus on King and her piano and it almost feels like she is in the room, singing and playing just for you when listening to the album on an audiophile hi-fi.

Tapestry’s title track is a blend of King’s personal laments and fiction. While a majority of the album discusses heartbreak and eventuating the positive aspects of life, “Tapestry” narrates the story of a worn-down traveller who turned into a toad. King uses the story as a metaphor for her own feelings, singing “A tapestry to feel and see, impossible to hold.” She wants her listeners to interpret the story based on their own life experience and to use her songs to make their own explorations as its through her own songwriting where she often illuminates her past experience with new discoveries.


There was a time when King couldn’t find the courage to reveal her personal stories and messages under her name. Before Tapestry, King and her former husband and songwriting partner Gerry Goffin scored big hits with Aretha Franklin, Dusty Springfield, and the Monkees. James Taylor initially influenced her to release compositions under her name, and in turn, King observed and studied Taylor’s music for inspiration.

“Fire and Rain” similarly deploys metaphor as Taylor reacts to the death of a friend, and he wields an acoustic guitar for his narrative much in the way King employs the piano. As he sings about the stages of the mourning process, his voice is full and calm, and the lyrics are human and relatable. The track was released on James’ sophomore album, Sweet Baby James, which sparked multiples collaboration between him and King— she plays piano and sings on the album and would later tour with him.

James Taylor also made a lasting impact on Joni Mitchell, enough for her to pen her magnum opus, Blue. Blue and Tapestry were recorded in the same A&M studio in 1971, making it convenient for both singers (and James Taylor) to collaborate. “Blue” is composed of only piano and vocals and is loaded with different angles of sadness, so again there is beauty in the simplicity. She felt she had no secrets, and as listeners, we’re challenged to take it all in and experience them for ourselves. Her bold chords pierce your heart, considering she wrote with nothing on the line.


There has never been a structured timeline to experiencing these bouts of painful love, and Fiona Apple shocked the world with her scarred perspective when she was only 18. Her debut album, Tidal, is sophisticated both lyrically and instrumentally and built around the piano, just like Mitchell and King. Apple also applies fiction in her lyrics on “The First Taste’, singing that she is bait in her lover’s spiderweb and waiting to be consumed by them to forget her blue emotional state. Producer Patrick Warren helps expand the track’s pallet by giving it a jazzy vibe with added tack piano, chamberlain, guitar, and vibraphone swirling around her vocals.


Carole King’s Tapestry is an essential gateway for many songwriters (especially female songwriters) to explore and relieve their personal struggles through song whilst remaining positive. The other artists featured here use both their lyrics and instruments to untangle their lives in a similar, transparent fashion. King’s ability to seamlessly connect the good and bad makes her audience feel like she is a true friend who is always there for comfort and understanding.

Full information on our involvement at Rock Mountain Audio Fest including album timings and ticket packages can be found here.

Written by CAS Chicago host Sam Willett- Facebook/Twitter

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Take a look at what’s in Pop at mandersmedia on Discogs Free Download: Giovanni Sollima plays the ‘Allegro’ from Costanzi’s Sinfonia in D major

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'Giovanni Sollima is the living embodiment of an 18th-century virtuoso-composr; a consummate performer-acrobat, whose fiery physicality no dizzying speed nor vaulting elaboration can challenge,' writes Helen Wallace. 


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Discogs Blog Crate Diggers Berlin: Kenny Dope’s Top 10 45s

Discogs sponsored Crate Diggers Record Fair returns to Prince Charles in Berlin on September 23rd, 2017! Taking place in between its debuts in both London and Tokyo, Crate Diggers is the ultimate event for record collectors, vinyl junkies, and music fans! The day begins with a record fair featuring 30+ vendors and 6 local DJs, then moves into an all-night after-party, featuring a […]

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Alex Ross: The Rest Is Noise Design for Living*

Janet Borgerson and Jonathan Schroeder’s Designed for Hi-Fi Living: The Vinyl LP in Midcentury America (MIT Press) is a handsomely illustrated volume devoted not to the incontestable classics of the LP era but to the more utilitarian margins of the catalogue — background music, instructional records, travel albums, and the like. Some highlights are Music to Paint By, Music for a German Dinner at Home, and, of course, March Around the Breakfast Table. (Is it advisable to march with a live toaster?) Many of the record covers have that unreal, mannequin quality typical of fifties and sixties advertising, allied with blatantly sexist and vaguely racist tableaux. But some reach into the higher echelons of graphic art: Saul Bass’s design for Frank Sinatra Conducts Tone Poems of Color is so lovely to behold that listening to the record seems superfluous. In the same vein, I recommend two recent Taschen volumes: Jazz Covers and Alex Steinweiss, the latter the inventor and undisputed master of the album-cover genre.
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