Lee Hazlewood’s ‘Cowboy In Sweden’ is a Scandinavian classic. Made by one of the greatest and most iconic American songwriters/producers ever. In Sweden. And until the late 90s it was only available in Sweden.

In our By:Larm festival edition of Classic Album Sundays in Oslo we will share the stories around this wonderful album from three of the people with close connections to it, and to the artist, in various ways; this time our local CAS host Kent Horne pass the mics to Wyndham Wallace who wrote the book about Lee Hazlewood, ‘Lee, Myself & I’ (Jawbone Press, 2015), to Matt Sullivan who re-issued the album on his Light In The Attic label in 2016 and to Norwegian journalist, Tom Skjeklesæther, who’ve interviewed Hazlewood and can help us with a look at the story of this album from a Scandinavian perspective.

Audiophile Campfire

We let our steady sound moleculists from Duet Audio help us with an audio system fitted for the occation and optimized to the room we’re in. Four wireless Devialet Phantom high-end speakers spread out in the length of Biblioteket at Kulturhuset will provide audiophile campires for the audience to gather around while hearing excerpts from the album and stories from our guest presenters before we get a full album play in the end.


Date and Time: Saturday March 3rd 2018, 4pm – 6pm (doors open all day)

Venue: Kulturhuset, Youngs gate 6, 0181 Oslo

Tickets: Free entrance!

Presenters: Kent Horne with author/journalist Wyndham Wallace, founder of Light in the Attic Records Matt Sullivan and journalist Tom Skjeklesæther

Audio Menu installed by Duet AudioSpeakers: 2 x Devialet Phantom Gold + 2 x Devialet Phantom SilverHub: Devialet DialogFormat: Tidal Hi Fi stream

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