Following on from their self titled debut album Sound Of Silver felt like LCD Soundsystem’s first fully realised album and would catapult James Murphy from being a guy regarded as having an amazing record collection to a self-conscious songwriter capable of delivering a classic.

Sound Of Silver still retains the spirit of the original but refines the concept allowing for songs that still draw heavily on the disco-punk explosion of the late-’70s from bands such as ESG but also feels fresh, modern and capable of standing on its own.

The album is at heart a dance floor album with more than half of the tracks coming in at over six minutes but still has the craft to end with the laid back ‘New York, I Love You But You’re Bringing Me Down.’ A tribute to a city that is at the heart of music, but that is apparently dragging James Murphy down. ‘New York’ swaps out the cowbells and disco beats for simple piano that gives way, in the end, to head-banging guitars; a perfect way to end a nearly perfect album.

We are delighted that we will be joined at our London event by Hot Chip and LCD Soundsystem member Al Doyle who will be interviewed by Gabriel Szatan discussing life on the road with LCD and the inner workings of two of the finest electronic bands in the world.

Join us at one of our worldwide events to hear this album as never before.


Time & Date: Sunday May 20th 2018 16:00 – 19:00

Venue: Brilliant Corners, 470 Kingsland Road, London, E8 4AE

Tickets: £12 plus booking fee in advance soon

Presenter: Gabriel Szatan with Al Doyle

Audio Menu: Dynavector D17D3 MC CartridgeRega P9 TurntableRega IOS Phono Stage Audio Note Jinro Integrated AmpChord Signature Speaker CableChord Signature Tuned Aray interconnectsISOL-8 Substation Integra Power Conditioner and Klipschorn Loudspeakers


Date and Time: Sunday May 6th 2018, 4pm – 6pm (doors open at 3pm)

Venue: Kulturhuset i Oslo, Youngs gate 6, 0181 Oslo

Tickets: 50/100NOK in advance here.

Presenters: Kent Horne with Fredrik Saroea of Datarock.

Audio Menu installed by Duet AudioCartridge: Dynavector XX2 MK2Turntable: Dr. Feickert BlackbirdTone arm: Jelco750 LB 12″Preamp: 4 x Monoblocks Auralic Merak 2x800WIntegrated Amp with phono stage: Ayon AurisLoudspeakers: Piega Classic 80.2Interconnects: Midas Reference SiljeSpeaker Cable: Midas Reference SiljePower Conditioner: Isol-8.

Washington DC

Date and Time: Sunday May 13th 2018 1:00pm – 3:00pm

Venue: Songbyrd Music House and Record Cafe, 2477 18th St NW, Washington DC 20009

Tickets: $5 – $7 in advance here

Presenter: Joe Lapan

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Colorado Springs

Date and Time: Sunday May 20th 2018 1:00pm – 3:00pm

Venue: Local Relic, 320 S Weber St, Colorado Springs, CO 80903, USA

Tickets: $5  in advance soon

Presenter: Chris O’Shea

Audio Menu supplied by The Music Room Colorado:

Speakers: Klipsch Heresy II, Turntable: Rega Planar 3 TT, Preamplifier: Croft Acoustics Micro 25 Power amplifier: Rega Maia 3, Cables: Cardas and The Chord Company.


Date and Time: Sunday May 20th 5:00pm – 8:00pm

Venue: Sweat Records, 5505 NE 2nd Ave, Miami, FL 33137

Tickets: $6 in advance soon

Presenter: Lauren Reskin – Sweat Records

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