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August 6, 2018

Goldmine Magazine Takin’ a ride with Tony Bennett

The natural phenomenon known as Tony Bennett greeted thousands of eager fans for a recent evening during one of the 2018 summer concerts at Wolf Trap in Northern Virginia.

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Goldmine Magazine Limited Edition ‘Yellow Submarine’ box set now available for pre-order

There are only 1,968 units made of this very sought after collector’s piece that celebrates the 50th anniversary of the iconic and groundbreaking animated film, “Yellow Submarine.”

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The Real Mick Rock Happy Birthday to you, Andy Warhol!Andy and Lou Reed – NYC, 1976

The Wire New book by Mark Sinker documents the changing UK music press from the 1960s to the 1980s

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The Wire Pioneer Works music residency expands to include a record label

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PledgeMusic News Emerging Artists Fund Round 1 Winning Artists Announced

The PledgeMusic and PRS Foundation Emerging Artists Fund, launched in April this year, has announced its first set of artists to benefit from the partnership and today releases details of the second round of the scheme.


In total, 8 new artists and acts have been selected in the first round of the programme to receive funding and launch their own PledgeMusic campaign – full list below. The 2nd round opens Monday August 6th, with the deadline for submitted applications being 6.00pm on Friday 7th September.

Details here 

Speaking of the of the programme to date, Luke Arthur of PledgeMusic said:

“Always gratifying to be part of a process that directly helps new and developing artists move ahead in their career. Together with PRS Foundation, PledgeMusic looks forward to working with the very worthy list of winners and building on the initiative in the next round of the Emerging Artists Fund.”  

PRS Foundation’s Senior Grants and Programmes Manager, Joe Frankland said:

“Huge congratulations to the eight talented artists being supported in this first round of the Emerging Artists Fund. It’s fantastic to be working with PledgeMusic on this innovative approach to supporting artists to get to that next step in their career. I’m looking forward to following each artists’ campaign and the impact this support will have.”

The full list of Round 1 winners are:

Cape Cub 

Emily Mae Winters



Mansion of Snakes 




The Emerging Artists Fund offers artists and bands focussing on recordings, releases and/or touring, an innovative financing model to accelerate careers through support from PledgeMusic to generate initial funding and grant support of up to £2,500 from PRS Foundation.

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Classic Album Sundays #AlbumsByWomen Day Six

Its our final day of our #AlbumsByWomen campaign and we have been blown away by the overwhelming response. We have had so many contributions running the gamut of genres. Have a listen to our #AlbumsByWomen playlist while you scroll through the submissions below. The playlist features one cut from each album chosen and we can guarantee that you will remember old favourites and discover new music. Thanks for joining us.

Yvonne Hawkey (Sonata Hifi) : Patti Smith – Horses

“Patti Smith – a controversial figure beyond gender, has opened doors to generations of musicians. Her 1975 debut album Horses, pushed boundaries with it’s opening line “Jesus died for somebody’s sins, but not mine” and it still attracts today. To me she is still the reigning ‘Queen of Punk’.”


Jeremy Gilbert (Lucky Cloud / Beauty & The Beat) : The Raincoats – The Raincoats

“The most formally successful of all the post-punk bands, the Raincoats developed a uniquely feminist musical language, inspired by The Velvets, agit-folk and Women’s Liberation. The next album, Odyshape, was even better, but the raw energy of their debut remains unique.”

Casandra Govor – (BPI) : Joan As A Police Woman – To Survive

“There are too many women I adore, from Billie Holiday and Nina Simone through Joni Mitchell, Beth Gibbons, Tori Amos to Brittany Howard, Flo Morrissey and Ellie Rowsell. Alas, as it has to be one, I’ll pick the wonderful Joan as Policewoman with an album that’s as close to my heart as a dear friend – To Survive.”


Zach Cowie (Classic Album Sundays / DJ) : Kate Bush – Hounds Of Love

“Kate Bush. Forever My Queen.”

Tim Lawrence (Author / Lucky Cloud Sound System) : Marlena Shaw – Live At Montreux

“Addressing feminism, blackness and poverty, Marlena Shaw’s “Woman of the Ghetto” was ahead of its time when it first came out on 7” in 1969. The vocalist’s subsequent nine-and-a-half-minute delivery of the song during a live show at Montreux in 1974 took it to the next level, and remains as radical and relevant as ever.”

Tarjei Nygård (Classic Album Sundays) : Sade – Diamond Life

“I love Diamond Life, Sade Adu’s breakthrough album. I remember hearing it on the radio as a child and then rediscovering it as an a adult. After 34 years it hasn’t aged a bit. It’s such an timeless recording. Sade’s voice is so hypnotic and with her an perect cool delivery, it’s just the perfect soothing listening experience.”

Scarlet Burgess-Turner (DJ) : Love Unlimited – Under The Influence Of

“Barry may have written the songs but it was Love Unlimited who brought them to joyful, heartfelt life.”


Greg Wilson (DJ / Producer) : Rufus featuring Chaka Khan – Rufusized

“A hidden classic, Chaka never sounded better to my ears. Then 21 and brimming with bold youthful energy, she emanated real feminine power in her vocal performance, which taps into a womanly wisdom far beyond her years.”

Daddy Ad (Trojan Sound System) : Tanya Stephens – Gangsta Blues

“Reggae is more singles led than by albums and is quite male dominated, so this album resonated on many levels when I finally made the call. Tanya Stephens is a strong woman and true artist, unafraid to call it like it is and with a great deal of wit. Much of Gangsta Blues is a medium of protest and social commentary. “It’s a pity” the vinyl LP didn’t include “Turn the other cheek”… One of my favourite protest songs that resonates more today than it even did back in 2004, but you can get that as a 7″ or from the dark side.”

Lauren Reskin (Sweat Records / Classic Album Sundays) : Björk – Homogenic

“I’m so grateful for Björk existing in our (musical) universe and Homogenic is one my most treasured favorites. I’ll never forget hearing “Jóga” for the first time and feeling overwhelmed at the indulgent sensuality of the sound, primal yet pristine. Hearing this at Classic Album Sundays with all of its nuance on crystal clear display definitely made me want to further upgrade my system!”

Simon Eltringham (Pictogramme / Sonic Emporium) : Björk – Vespertine

“Rich, intimate and as experimental as ever, Bjork gets out into the snow with an organic sonic palette that crunches, shuffles, squelches and chimes.”

Lauren Murada (DJ / L&L Record Club) : ESG – Dance to the Beat of Moody

“For those of you that don’t know the story of ESG, it goes a little something like this; The Scroggins sisters (who were just teenagers at the time), saw the rise of hip hop in the South Bronx and the decided that they could do it better than the boys. And that they did. They became one of the most sampled of groups ever by their hip hop contemporaries. Shortly afterwards they were adopted by the underground dance scene with ESG being the only group to play at the opening night of Manchester’s legendary Hacienda and the closing night of New York’s equally legendary Paradise Garage. The three tracks on this record, ‘Dance’, ‘The Beat’ and ‘Moody’ are very distinctive ESG tracks – sparse, raw, percussive beats which are high energy and irresistible to dance to. This record continues to inspire musicians to this day across genres like hip hop, post-punk, dance and indie.”

Michael Dugher  (UK Music) : Carole King – Tapestry

“You don’t need 200 characters to describe this album. Just one word: ‘perfection’.” 

Leslie Lyons (Photographer / Moving The Needle Now) : ODETTA – It’s A Mighty World

“Any woman who can break your heart singing about sweet potatoes can save us all.”

Joe Boyd (Producer) : Kate & Anna McGarrigle Kate & Anna McGarrigle & Lucinda Williams Car Wheels on a Gravel Road

“Imagine me posing with “Kate & Anna McGarrigle” at one ear and “Car Wheels On A Gravel Road” by the other. Genteel Northeast, hard-edged Louisiana – both immortally mapped from a woman’s p o v by Les Soeurs and Lucinda Williams.”

Lauren Goulet (DJ / L&L Record Club) : Sade – Diamond Life

“Sade has been a constant source of inspiration musically since I was a child. “Hang On To Your Love” is an all time favorite and still so relevant today.”

Kay Suzuki (DJ) : UA – Ametora

“UA (pronounced: uh-ah) is a quintessential Japanese female singer song writer in late 90s. The track “Toro” in this album “Ametora” never aged for me. A beautiful swing jazz style pop song produced by Spike Lee’s father (and Jazz bassist) Bill Lee.”

Jonathan Weiss (Oswalds Mill Audio) : Linda Ronstadt ‎– Canciones De Mi Padre

“No one can ever guess the artist on this! Ronstadt  singing in perfect spanish, folk songs her father and family taught her from rural Mexico. Amazing!”

Lee Zee (Designer) : Joni Mitchell The Hissing of Summer Lawns

“Released in 1975, this was highly criticised due to its experimental jazz leanings. For me this is Joni at her best as a master songwriter, singer and storyteller. The way it conjures a sense of a time, place and a flawed, fragile humanity is breath-taking.”

Matthew Burgess-Turner (DJ) : Bobbie Gentry 

“Twenty five years after picking this up, it still sounds like Bobbie Gentry beamed herself in from a different musical universe. Playful, poignant and psychedelic.”


from Classic Album Sundays
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Goldmine Magazine Goldmine Record Show Calendar, August 2018

Here are upcoming record shows and events, including The SECOND SATURDAY Record & CD Show in Wayne, NJ on Aug 11 and KUSF Rock N’ Swap on Aug 26.

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Classic Album Sundays #AlbumsByWomen Day Five

Welcome to Day Five of our #AlbumsByWomen campaign celebrating the musical achievements of women. We still have plenty to get through, and today features some fine selections, including The Slits, Betty Davis, Kate Tempest and many more. Don’t forget to visit our updated #AlbumsByWomen Spotify playlist.

Chris Greenwood (Louie Louie) : The Slits – Cut

“I was just a bit too young to be a bonafide punk, but still managed to soak up all that musical energy via John Peel on R1, who I listened to religiously & illicitly every night at boarding school. This incredible album produced by the hugely talented Dennis Bovell joined the dots between dub, reggae & punk and the DIY ethic both genres shared. When I was asked to play Brilliant Corners, I couldn’t wait to play “New Town” to hear that sound of a spoon dropping on a table!”

Emily Moxon (Brownswood Recordings) : Betty Davis – Betty Davis

“The first lady of funk – singer, songwriter, arranger, model, muse,  icon and music pioneer. Betty is often credited as the inspiration behind Miles Davis’ Bitches Brew but I feel like this narrative, and the focus on her liberated sexuality overlooks her own role as a musical innovator, and as a woman who operated independently of the established music industry structures. Her hard hitting fusing of rock and soul was ahead of its time and although this debut studio album was not a commercial success on release, its now recognised as an important landmark. Aside from her incredible raw vocal performances, the record was 100% written and arranged by her. I love the fact she has been relatively reclusive – in this age where we know so much intimate detail of people’s lives it makes her story all the more intriguing.”

Andrew Pirie (Melting Pop / Groove Line Records) : Will Powers – Dancing For Mental Health

“Music photographer Lynn Goldsmith creative output turned to producing her own in 1983 with her Will Powers guise. Dancing For Mental Health is certainly a way to achieve “Adventures in Success”!”

Alexander Milas (Twin V) : Diamanda Galas – Plague Mass

“Indescribably brutal, utterly disorientating, brilliantly bonkers – Plague Mass is pure power, pure art, and a masterpiece.”

Maria Panayi (Sony Music) : Solange – A Seat at The Table

“Unapologetically political, Solange delivers the pain and magnificence she’s experienced as a black woman in this record with beautiful truth. A Seat At The Table might be gentle sounding but is the strongest album I’ve ever heard.”

Jon Fawcett (The British Library) : Kate Tempest – Let Them Eat Chaos

“Kate Tempest is astonishing. She blends the best of British culture; the urban every day and the time honoured; austerity anger and honest beauty; phenomenal beats and melodies; Shakespearean love of language and the intensity of rap.”

Jim Stanton (Horse Meat Disco) : Patti Smith Group – Easter

“Powerful and poetic Patti Smith was always my punk siren for all the forgotten. Spiritually yet always with an undercurrent of despair and anger, she’s taught me a lot about humanity. She also kicks out hard ass rock n’ roll.”

Will Horrocks (Will LV / Worldwide FM) : Les Filles de Illighadad – Eghass Malan

“Here you are! Latest album by Les Filles De Illighadad on the Sahel Sounds label…From Niger, Fatou Seidi Ghali, Alamnou Akrouni, Alamnou Akrouni make up the band and their music is a really mesmeric guitar-led sound that has developed for this second album into a more honed but still really energetic and powerful thing.”

Lenny Kaye (Patti Smith Group, Producer, Nuggets) : The Shaggs – Philosophy of the World

“Blending the outré and the inner, the sisters Wiggins represent the farthest reaches of music as it bends into time and space, creating its own universe.”

Andy Lineham (curator of popular music The British Library) : M.I.A. – Arular

“Fresh, confident, strident, a fabulous mix of musical styles and cultures on M.I.A.’s emphatic debut album Arular. Still sounds great 13 years on.”

Dean Meredith (Rotation Sound System) : Valerie Carter – Just A Stone’s Throw Away

“My choice is this amazing LP from Valerie carter with a crazy line up of guest players from Maurice White, Jackson Browne, Linda Ronstadt, Deniece Williams etc.. It has a sublime version of ‘Ooh Child’ on there as well.”

DJ78 (DJ / Photographer) : The Unthanks – Mount The Air

“‘Sublime’ is a lovely word, which perfectly describes Mount the Air the 2015 album by The Unthanks. The tunes and songs, whilst respecting traditional roots, remains completely contemporary and Rachel and Becky’s voices intertwine and express emotion like no others I know. The use of ‘Magpie’ as a musical motif in the last series of ‘Detectorists’ on BBC TV was truly inspired. Considering they record at home and in cupboards, sonically it’s a fabulous sounding record, too!”

Dom Servini (Wah Wahs) – Nina Simone – Right On

“Probably my favourite vocalist of all time, here with an album from 1972 illustrating that Nina didn’t lose any of her fury in middle-age, and featuring the obligatory French language offering, as well as the sublime, percussion fueled live version of the 1964 classic “See-line Woman”.”

Ian Tregoning (Producer/ Remixer) : Denise La Salle – Doin’ It Right

“And not forgetting : Bebel Gilberto, Bobby Gentry, Bonnie Raitt, Carole Kaye, Chaka Khan, Etta James, Fifi Rong, Jacqueline du Pré, Julie London, M.I.A., Mimi Parker, Mo Tucker, Patti Smith, Peggy Lee, Rhonda Smith, Ruth  Underwood, Sister Rosetta Tharpe, Vanessa de Mata and the brilliant Jackie Ross (check her version of ‘Summertime’).”

Andy Grove (Audio Note UK) : Anastacia – Anastacia

“I can’t remember which song from Anastacia I heard first, or what motivated me to buy it. Most probably: ‘That sounds alright, I’ll grab a copy’. My kids were small then, and our bedtime ritual included listening to music before story time, and it was in my son’s bedroom where Anastacia got the most airtime, to begin with, anyway. As it grew on me, I read about Anastacia herself, and, discovering her ordeal with cancer, having lost relatives to that illness, unlocked another layer of meaning. Songs would bring a tear (or many tears) to my eye, and still do.

My original copy got played so much the case fell apart, and the itinerant disc found itself recruited for demonstrations at HiFi shows, such as this particular instance: It was quiet day so I was ‘just playing music’, including Anastacia. Suddenly a guy confronted me and started ranting: ‘Females vocals are insufficiently expressive, they cannot properly demonstrate a HiFi system!’”

“You mean Anastacia’s vocals?” At first I tried to justify my music choice…0.3 microseconds later my pressure gauge hit the red zone and I suggested: ‘Why don’t you just f… off” instead. Which was actually more effective I think?”

Leanne Wright (DJ / Worldwide FM) : Love Joys – Reggae Vibes

“Claudette Brown and Sonia Abel were one of the few all female roots reggae groups. Reggae Vibes was written and performed by the cousins from Brixton and was originally released on Florida label, Top Ranking in 1981. It was recorded and produced at the legendary Wackies studio in New York by LLoyd Barnes and has recently been re-released by Basic Channel.  

I can remember the first time I heard this album (a blend of 80’s Lovers and roots); it was  the almost haunting vibrations of heavy roots offerings “All I Can Say”, “Stranger Get Up” and “Jah Light” that resonated. The powerful lyrics and evocative vocals – strong and sweet at the same time – hooked me from the first listen. And while Rastafarian values champion peaceful, conscious living, it’s refreshing to hear such lyrics spoken with a feminine voice.”

Kate Hutchinson (Journalist / Editor / Broadcaster): Bikini Kill – The Singles

“Bikini Kill’s The Singles was the album that taught me as a young girl that women could be uncompromising, brilliant and badass, delivering punk with lasering attitude and sticking two fingers up to the dudes. After my mother, Kathleen Hanna was my next proper hero.”

Aaron Levitt (DJ / Worldwide FM / Waella’s Choice): Emahoy Tsegué-Mariam Guèbru ‎– Emahoy Tsegué-Mariam Guèbru

“I’m currently working on a compilation with London pianists for my label Waella’s Choice, so I’m particularly drawn to other keys players at the moment. This is about as piano as it gets: 11 solo compsotions of Ethiopian devotional music. Real emotional stuff, with amazing, gold-plated artwork and comments from Emahoy on each track.  Here’s her words for my favourite on the album ‘Mother’s Love’: “Dedicated to my very dear late mother Emahoy Kasseye Yelemtou and her beloved son Leutenant Meshesha Guebrou, fallen as a victim of the Italian war. Everyone kows how mother’s love is sacrificing itself for the welfare and happiness of all children. Indeed! Mother’s heart is a fortress of love.”

Shannon Woo (Lucky Cloud Sound System) : Eliane Radigue – Trilogie de la mort

“Deep meditation using the feedback of the ARP2500 synth. Cells gently massaged throughout the body. There is no space for “I” in listening. Music flows into a river dream. Lie down. Eyes closed. Enter flow state.”

from Classic Album Sundays
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