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November 17, 2018

jfl #morninglistening to #VillaLobos who died today, 59 years ago….

#morninglistening to #VillaLobos who died today, 59 years ago. 👤
#Symphony No.12 on @NaxosRecords w/@OSESP under #isaackarabtchevsky
Total @surprisedbeauty composer!
#classicalcdcollection #classicalmusic #classicalmusiccollection #contemporaryclassical #20thcenturyclassical #brazilianclassicalmusic #orchestralmusic

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Patrick Prince Record Store Day Black Friday 2018 is discussed with co-founder Michael Kurtz

This Goldmine Magazine Podcast episode centers on this upcoming Record Store Day Black Friday — and Small Business Saturday the next day — and who better to talk to about all this than RSD co-founder Michael Kurtz.

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NeahkahnieGold Brian Eno Albums Ranked By Most Collected, Wanted, And Expensive

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For the past five decades, Brian Eno has been a persistent force in music through his groundbreaking solo releases and behind the scenes work as a producer of numerous iconic albums. Collaborating with legends such as David Byrne, Bowie, Peter Gabriel, Grace Jones, even Bono, he has cultivated a catalog of excellence that will no doubt stand the test of time. Without Eno, we might not have such a well-defined Ambient music style, for it was him who coined the term and released the fantastic Ambient series. Forever a pioneer of pushing musical boundaries, his embrace of synthesizers in the 70’s showed his ability to grasp trends well before their time. An artist with no limits, his video and visual works have received wide critical praise and the music he produces for art installations reveal his deep care for Art of all kinds.


As a tribute to Brian Eno, we look at how members of the Discogs community interact with his physical releases. Known for extensive liner notes, inspiring album covers, and thoughtful packaging, Brian Eno’s many physical releases provide a rich experience that is hard to replicate in digital formats. Dive into the most collected, most wanted, and most expensive Brian Eno albums.

Most Collected Brian Eno Albums

Here Come The Warm Jets

Released: 1973

Collected: 12,661

It’s little wonder that Brian Eno’s seminal Here Come The Warm Jets landed the #1 spot in his most collected albums list. It’s his debut solo album, coming off a synthesizer stint with Glam Rock outfit Roxy Music. Credited as just Eno, he enlisted 16 different musicians to play on the album, including all but the vocalist of Roxy Music. He famously directed these disparate musicians through dancing and movement cues to help shape their sound. A truly unique album is the result, one that keeps some of the style of Roxy Music, but breaks into unexplored territory.

Another Green World

Released: 1975

Collected: 12,646

Before And After Science

Released: 1977

Collected: 11,285

Taking Tiger Mountain (By Strategy)

Released: 1974

Collected: 9,849

Ambient 1 (Music For Airports)

Released: 1978

Collected: 9,857

Music For Films

Released: 1976

Collected: 6,611

Ambient 4 (On Land)

Released: 1982

Collected: 5,931

Discreet Music

Released: 1975

Collected: 5,833

The Ship

Released: 2016

Collected: 1,973


Released: 2012

Collected: 1,941

Most Wanted Brian Eno Releases

First pressings dominate the most wanted individual releases in Brian Eno’s catalog. Music For Airports shows up no less than 4 times in the top-10 list and is a worth revisit for those of you planning on some holiday air travel.


Ambient 1 (Music For Airports)

Wanted: 1,591

Vinyl. First Pressing. Original first release with printed inner sleeve.

Another Green World

Wanted: 1,565

Vinyl. First Pressing Blue-rim Island label. Black Island inner sleeve.

Here Come The Warm Jets

Wanted: 1,465

Vinyl. First Pressing.

Ambient 1 (Music For Airports)

Wanted: 1,023

Vinyl. First US Pressing.

Discreet Music

Wanted: 979

Vinyl. First press with grey labels.

Ambient 4 (On Land)

Wanted: 919

Vinyl. First US press.

Before And After Science

Wanted: 912

Vinyl. First UK press.

Ambient 1 (Music For Airports)

Wanted: 910

Vinyl. 1982 US Reissue.

Taking Tiger Mountain (By Strategy)

Wanted: 836

Vinyl. Gatefold. First Pressing.

Ambient 1 (Music For Airports)

Wanted: 818

Vinyl. US.

Most Expensive Brian Eno Releases

To mix things up a bit, I’m taking what I call the Midas-touch approach to the most expensive Brian Eno items sold on Discogs. Instead of looking at just his solo work, I wanted to dig deeper – seeing what works he has either played in, wrote, or produced that have sold for high amounts on the site. This has led to some interesting insights, such as the amount of exceedingly expensive U2 items sold. I want to give an honory mention to his work creating the Windows ’95 startup sound as well. The operating system, at a cost of around $350 in today’s dollars, just missed landing on this list, but is perhaps his most listened-to composition.


U2 – The Joshua Tree

Highest Sale Price: $750

A Bolivian release with label titles in both Spanish and English. Only copy of Joshua Tree pressed by the German Ariola label. Six of these have sold for more than $500 on Discogs.

U2 – Mysterious Ways, Single

Highest Sale Price: $700

Brazilian CD Promo.

U2 – Joshua Tree Box Set

Highest Sale Price: $668.54

5 7″ singles. A very rare mispressing exists.

Brian Eno – Music For Installations

Highest Sale Price: $584.26

6 CD Numbered Box Set plus a 64-page full-color book.

Grace Jones – Hurricane

Highest Sale Price: $576.92

Two 200-gram vinyl records, released on vinyl for the very first time.

Peter Gabriel ‎– Scratch My Back

Highest Sale Price: $574.16

Limited to 500 copies worldwide. Multi-format; Red vinyl, 2 x CD, 4GB USB. Signed and numbered by Peter Gabriel.

U2 – Mysterious Ways, Single

Highest Sale Price: $561.80

Another Mysterious Ways CD single. This one, released in France, has a wrong title mix listed on the back cardsleeve, but is correct on the CD. Just two have been sold on Discogs, both in early 2018.

David Bowie ‎– “All Saints” Instrumental Christmas ’93, CD

Highest Sale Price: $556.18

Bowie self-released pressing estimated to be limited to between 150 – 200 copies. Brian Eno wrote many of the songs on this release.

U2 ‎– Achtung Baby

Highest Sale Price: $512.82

Rare Venezulean pressing.

U2 ‎– Zooropa

Highest Sale Price: $505.62

Limited edition avaible for the first day only through Australian Virgin Megastore. Set of “Zooropa” CD + “Mysterious Ways” Maxi CD.

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jfl #morninglistening to #Langgaard w/@viennaphilharmonic [!] on…

#morninglistening to #Langgaard w/@viennaphilharmonic [!] on @DacapoRecords – again.
@SurprisedBeauty Music! ♡☆♡ My favorite quirky #20thcenturycomposer performed by the volatile but reputable #viennaphilharmonic! Win-win!
#symphonies #classicalmusic #surprisedbybeauty #20thcenturyclassical #classicalmusiccollection #classicalcdcollection #orchestralmusic #

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jfl #morninglistening to #Mozart #PianoSonatas #KV282, #KV310 &…

#morninglistening to #Mozart #PianoSonatas #KV282, #KV310 & #KV332 w/@fabrouchou on @AparteMusic / @pias_usa
#classicalcdcollection #classicalmusic #classicalmusiccollection #wienerklassik #solokeyboard #WolfgangAmadeusMozart #FabrizioChiovetta

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On this Day November 17, 2003

21 year-old
Britney Spears became the youngest singer to get a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. The only other performer to get a Hollywood star at her age was Little House on the Prairie actress Melissa Gilbert.

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