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February 14, 2019

Goldmine1 The Zombies to release a career-spanning 5-LP box set

The Zombies career-spanning five vinyl album box set, ‘The Complete Studio Recordings,’ will be a pure collector’s fantasy when released on February 22, 2019.

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Goldmine1 The Zombies to release a career-spanning 5-LP box set

The Zombies career-spanning five vinyl album box set, ‘The Complete Studio Recordings,’ will be a pure collector’s fantasy when released on February 22, 2019.

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Alex Ross Eternity, by Alban Berg Valentine

DR. SCHÖN: It must be your husband’s blood. LULU: No traces remain.
                            — Lulu, Act II
Previously: An Alban Berg Valentine, Another Alban Berg Valentine, Yet Another Alban Berg Valentine, Return of Alban Berg Valentine, Nothing says forever like an Alban Berg Valentine, Alban Berg Valentine (10th anniversary edition), Alban Berg Valentine (2017 edition), Will you be my Alban Berg Valentine?

from Alex Ross: The Rest Is Noise

Sustainable festival Terraforma announce first round of artists

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Cooly G Fire Fund started by Kode9

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Sean Cannon The State Of Discogs 2018

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Another year has passed and another set of records have been broken. Our annual year-end report is a deep dive into the numbers, trends, and music sales that made 2018 unique. So put on your favorite $27,000 Prince record, pull up a chair, and dig into the year that was 2018. Here are a few quick tidbits:

  • As the Database becomes more complete, growth in total submissions have slowed, only rising by 0.42% in 2018. Popular genres and formats have showed this slowdown, but more obscure genres and formats have experienced serious growth, such as the Brass & Military genre (+40.46%) and digital format submissions (+14.16%).
  • We continued to see rampant growth in cassette sales for 2018, up 24.08% compared to 2017 and a whopping 54.92% compared to 2016.
  • Unsurprisingly, Pink Floyd topped the list of catalog album sales in 2018 — but surprisingly, the album wasn’t The Dark Side Of The Moon. It was Wish You Were Here.
  • While new album sales featured two legacy acts (Led Zeppelin and David Bowie), current artists made up the bulk of the top 10, with Sleep and Nu Guinea topping the list.

View the Discogs 2018 Year-End Highlights and Analysis Below:

Want the full song and dance? Download the Discogs 2018 Year-End Report. You can also keep up with the rest of the ’ogs and their year-end reports: Filmogs, Bookogs, Comicogs, Posterogs, and Gearogs.

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Freddie told me (and others) that Mary was the one person in his life that he truly trusted. She was…

via The Real Mick Rock

loquearde 5 Reasons Why You Can’t Miss Crate Diggers Brighton 2019

Crate Diggers was conceived with the desire to bring the record collecting community from all around the world together. Since 2015, the Record Fair & After Party series has traveled far and wide: Cities include Berlin, LA, Montreal, London, Amsterdam, Barcelona, Dallas, and Miami, just to name a few. After the great experiences we have shared with collectors worldwide over the last few years, we are now ready for a new round. Don’t say we didn’t warn you: in 2019, Crate Diggers will bigger and better. But just in case you need an extra push, here are five reasons why you can’t miss Crate Diggers Brighton 2019.

  1. Crate Diggers Brighton 2019 will be the largest Crate Diggers record fair yet, with the added bonus of an awesome live show with a world-class line-up. It’s as good as it sounds, and it’s happening on May 11 at The Brighton Centre, so it’s the perfect way to start off the summer!
  2. And speaking about the line-up… We are happy to announce we have added Jurassic 5 presents: The Fullee Love Collective. Hip-hop legend Soup/Zaakir (aka Fullee Love) will be performing some of Jurassic 5’s biggest tracks including What’s Golden and Concrete Schoolyard. He’s also bringing his own original soul-funk hip-hop sound with a full live band. Yes, we are drooling over here, too.
  3. But of course, our line-up is ready to fly even higher: We have some of the UK’s best Jungle, Dancehall, and Reggae artists. Prepare your dancing shoes because David Rodigan, General Levy, and Zion Train are ready to set the dance floor on fire. Are you ready for one INCREDIBLE night?
  4. Brighton has a great music scene. You can spend your time getting lost in the city’s small lanes, discovering some of Brighton’s great record stores. Crate Diggers Brighton 2019 takes place in the same week as the Vinyl World Congress, Future Live Expo, Great Escape Festival and Brighton Fringe. So if you aren’t planning on getting the last train home, we’d recommend booking accommodation early.
  5. Last but certainly not least: Visiting the record fair is free from 10AM until 2PM! There will be over 100 tables of records, a guarantee for hours of digging. Thanks to our friends at Near Mint, plenty of sellers from London are coming to Brighton for this occasion. Apart from that, you will find sellers from all over the UK, bringing together some unique stock you won’t see anywhere else. If those 100 tables full of records sound like thirsty work… Well, you’re lucky, since throughout the day we’ll have some of the best local breweries including Westerham Brewery and Langham Brewery serving the best beers around!

Heading to Brighton on May 11 sounds like a plan, right? We’re looking forward to seeing you there! Should Brighton be too far away for you to attend, don’t worry. Crate Diggers will be heading to New York, Sao Paulo, and Tokyo this year. More details will be released soon.

Buy your ticket for the afterparty now!
Or if you are you a seller…
Book a table for Crate Diggers Brighton 2019

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Freya Parr Nine of the best sheet music covers inspired by love


Shakespeare famously wrote: 'If music be the food of love, play on'. Music and love have long been companions, and the history of romantic songs and ballads stretches all the way from antiquity to the chart-toppers of the present day. 

Before the advent of the gramophone, radio or Spotify, the piano was the primary means of domestic music making in Britain. In the nineteenth century, publishers produced a huge range of sheet music to cater for this domestic market – from dances, ballads and arrangements of operatic arias to music hall anthems, songs from popular plays and poems set to music.

Much like today, love songs were always popular. A new exhibition of sheet music covers from the Royal College of Music Museum offers a tantalising glimpse into the musical world of Victorian and Edwardian romance.

Sheet music covers were designed to catch the attention of buyers. Elaborate designs and stylish typography turned music into a fashionable commodity that could be proudly displayed in the drawing room. These covers became such a trend that, by the middle of the century, musical purists despaired that their vulgarity threatened to compromise the dignity of the music itself. Perhaps their fears were not unfounded – in some cases, the artists who designed these covers were paid four times as much as the composers!



Scrolling through the Royal College of Music Museum’s exhibition of romantic designs reveals how changes in printing technology made it possible to produce increasingly detailed and colourful designs as the decades unfolded. It is also possible to track changing ideals of beauty, too – from the meek, mid-Victorian maidens with downcast eyes to the exposed ankles and direct smiles of Edwardian beauties.

It is unlikely that the songs represented by these designs will be familiar to many today. They were popular romantic ballads that have been lost to time. We might get a few glimpses behind the titles pages, though, as the following examples demonstrate.




Visit the Royal College of Music Museum's exhibition 'For the Love of Music' on Google Arts & Culture here


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