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The Annual SAM Benefit concert will be held on 13 April at 5C Cafe in New York and will feature George Coleman, Jimmy Owens (pictured), Peter Bernstein, Scott Robinson, Frank London, Virginia Mayhew, Oscar Feldman and many more.

Special Audiences and Musicians, Inc. provides jazz performances in nursing homes, hospitals, assisted-living homes and other such institutions in New York and the Tri-State area. It employs musicians drawn from three under-represented groups; musicians with disabilities, senior musicians and women. The therapeutic, social and emotional benefits gained from live musical performances are well established. Utilising musician with disabilities, female musicians and senior musicians provides valuable professional performance opportunities to those under-represented musicians who have much to offer in terms of artistic expression.

Spencer Grady

Anyone interested in finding out more about SAM, Inc. can visit their website at www.specialaudiencesandmusicians.org 

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