May 8, 2019

Goldmine1 Classic Linda Ronstadt comes alive!

Linda Ronstadt discusses her first-ever live album, of a vintage show from 1980, and much more.

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Goldmine1 Classic Linda Ronstadt comes alive!

Linda Ronstadt discusses her first-ever live album, of a vintage show from 1980, and much more.

The post Classic Linda Ronstadt comes alive! appeared first on Goldmine Magazine.

from Goldmine Magazine

Dominique Lawalrée has died

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Dominique Lawalrée has died

via The Wire: Home

SoLil Crate Minds: Meet Andy From Disc Covery Records!

In our Crate Minds series, we highlight the people behind the Discogs accounts. Andy Halstead from Disc Covery Records has been selling online and at record fairs for years.

You more than likely dug through one (and probably more) of Andy’s crates if you have ever been to a record fair in England, France, Germany, Italy, Ireland, Scotland, Spain, Sweden or the Netherlands. And he will be travelling all the way from Accrington, Lancashire to join us at Crate Diggers Brighton this weekend, so this is a good time to introduce him!

Hi Andy, can you give us a bit of background on yourself?

I’m the director and founder of Disc Covery Records and do the buying, selling and trading online, and at Record fairs in the UK and Europe. I worked for my Dad in the Supermarket business for 10 years, from when I left school in 1981 to 1990. Then started my own business in March 1990 and have been enjoying it (mainly!) ever since.

How did you get into record selling?

I went to my first record fair at King Georges Hall in Blackburn back in October 1986 at the age of 21, with two boxes: one full of 7″ singles and the other a small box of LPs. I shared a 6ft stall with my friend Barry and his brother Ian Pearson, and it escalated somewhat from there!

Can you tell us a bit more about your business and its history?

Like I said, I started selling full time as business in 1990. To help me start up, my Dad – who had sold his supermarket and retired in 1989 – gave me a van to travel to record fairs in. I started selling online around this time and formed my company Disc Covery Records. I placed adverts in record collector, Record Mart & Buyer and also used to advertise and sell on MTV Teletext which went all round Europe.   

Disc Covery Records

Do you have a specialty? What sets your selection apart from others?

I started off just selling punk/new wave & indie music which I knew most about, but quickly realised I needed to sell most styles of music. So I would say my speciality is now heavy metal, classic rock, punk, indie, and pop. I have a massive collection of vinyl records and offer my customers at record fairs a big selection of their favourite bands and artists. Where some dealers have one box of mixed rock or metal, we try and have one box of Iron Maiden, one box of Queen, one box of Bowie etc.  

What do you enjoy most about selling records?

I love meeting people either at record fairs or over the phone or online, and sharing my and their love of music and collecting. I’ve made many good friends over the past 30 years doing this wonderful labour of love. It’s great when you find something really unusual, and to see the reaction from collectors when I can offer these great items to them.

What are your favorite or memorable moments at record fairs?

Many great moments at record fairs in the UK and abroad: Meeting Jimmy Page and having him buy records off our stall and thanking me for selling them to him. Being at the Barcelona Record Fair when The Damned played, and watching Dave Vanian and Captain Sensible run along the railway lines whilst still singing and playing guitar. Always loved doing the Dublin Record Fair in Temple Bar and having a great time at the event, and at night afterwards of course. I have also enjoyed every single Rebellion/Wasted/Punk festival in Blackpool every August for the past 22 years, selling punk records over four days and chatting, drinking and generally having a great time.

What does your personal collection look like?

My own personal collection is not many too be honest, as I get a lot of pleasure out of letting other collectors buy what they want from me.

What can we expect to find at your tables at Crate Diggers?

I will have a great selection of punk, new wave, heavy metal, classic rock, prog rock, pop, and indie music. Mainly vinyl:  7″ singles, 12″ singles, and LPs, priced from 50 pence to £500.00. And I will also have some CDs and DVDs. And if anybody sees anything in my Discogs shop, I am happy to bring their orders to Brighton so they can save on shipping. Just leave a note on the order! 

Is there anything you’ll be digging for at Crate Diggers yourself?

I am always looking for nice clean vinyl to sell especially by the likes of AC/DC, Iron Maiden, Queen, U2, Clash, The Damned, Kiss, David Bowie and many more!!

Find gems from Andy and dozens of other sellers at Crate Diggers Brighton! We’re looking forward to seeing you at The Brighton Center on the 11th of May. Free entry to the record fair all day, starting at 10 a.m.!

Can’t make it to Crate Diggers? Check out Disc Covery Records on Discogs!

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Iklectik share video ahead of their Butoh residency

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“I don’t do it much anymore, but back in the day, I was a wicked…

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jfl Dip Your Ears, No. 235 (A Very Classical Mix: Concilium Musicum Wien)

J.M.Haydn, W.A.Mozart, J.Haydn, Sy.#39, Cto. for Basset Clarinet K622, Sy.#101 (“The Clock”)
Ernst Schlader (basset clarinet), Concilium musicum Wien, Paul Angerer

Haydn’s younger brother of Michael was no less an influence on Mozart than Joseph; their symphonies could be and were (K444!) mistaken for each other’s. Eventually Wolfgang Amadeus surpassed Michael. The latter’s

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Songlines and PRS Foundation announce new remix competition


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