In this edition of Crate Minds, we’d like to introduce Peter from Mixed Up Records in Glasgow. Peter has been selling on Discogs as mxdup98 since 2007 and was present at our first Crate Diggers in the UK a few years back. He’ll be traveling to Brighton this weekend to join us at Crate Diggers. Ahead of the fair we asked Peter a few questions!

What is your role, and can you give us a bit of background on yourself?

I run Mixed Up Records in Glasgow, which I’ve been doing since I was 19. I used to play music in bands with my friends, I played guitar.

That is pretty young! What was it like running a shop at 19?

It was a bit crazy really, as I didn’t have a clue and record shops were in steep decline. I just liked picking up records and would be excited about what I’d find next. Back then people were literally chucking records out and into skips and things, so there were a lot of cheap (or free) records about. Charity shops and car boots were great, too.

Can you tell us a bit about Mixed Up Records and its history?

The shop started in 1997. We specialise in secondhand records and cover all types of music. We believe good music comes in all forms across all the genres, so don’t like to count anything out!

Mixed Up Glasgow Interior 2

What was your inspiration for opening the shop?

I liked a lot of indie guitar bands of the ’80s and ’90s, but as a teenager I got into dance music, hip-hop, and sampling. I remember DJ Shadow’s Entroducing album coming out when I was 18. I was fascinated by the way an entire album could be made up of samples from old largely forgotten records. Discovering music on vinyl is like nothing else. Music can sit forgotten for decades then can be rediscovered and brought to a new audience. A new generation can come along and reinterpret old records and make it sound fresh and up to date. With the record sleeve and artwork you get a feel for the time and place the music was created.

Do you have a specialty? What sets your shop apart from others?

We specialise in good quality, secondhand records of all types really. You’re as likely to find jazz and funk next to psychedelic ’60s LPs, northern soul, and even classical records. We do some brand new stuff too; new music we like or reissues of hard to find records.

What do you enjoy most about your work?

I enjoy meeting the customers and people who are passionate about the music they love.

Do you have any favorite or memorable moments in the shop (or fairs) thus far?

Having Jurassic 5 in the shop was a buzz. Cut Chemist listening to jazz records on his portable record player was a memorable moment. Jimmy Page was cutting about at the last record fair I did in London.

Mixed Up Glasgow Interior

What does your personal collection look like?

I don’t hoard records as much as I used to. These days I’m happy to enjoy them for a little while, then move them on. Some things are hard to let go of, as you know you won’t see them again.

What can we expect to find at your table at Crate Diggers?

A bit of everything really. We have a lot of the classic stuff plus some more unusual things. It’s always worth looking through our stall, as there are usually a few surprises tucked away in the racks.

Is there anything you’ll be digging for at Crate Diggers yourself?

Not sure, maybe some disco, world music.

Check out Peter’s selection  at Crate Diggers Brighton! We’re looking forward to seeing you at The Brighton Center on May 11. Free entry to the record fair all day, starting at 10 a.m.!

Can’t make it to Crate Diggers? Browse mxdup98’s shop on Discogs!

Mixed Up Records Glasgow

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