We’re happy to announce that we have joined forces with Electronic Music Conference and Pioneer DJ to bring you Discogs Presents EMC Record Fair 2019!

Discogs Presents EMC Record Fair will be part of the Electronic Music Conference, on Saturday the 16th of November at the Factory Theatre, Marrickville, Sydney Australia. The Discogs Presents EMC Record Fair was launched to give something back to the city of Sydney and its music lovers with this free, family-friendly event.


Factory Theatre Courtyard, Credit: Trip Advisor

It’s the perfect way to round off a week of celebrations of Electronica: Relax after a week filled with dance music and enjoy DJs from a wide variety of backgrounds including Aroha, Daniel Lupica, Merph, Sampology, Simon Caldwell, and Toni Yotzi.

We have decided to concentrate a bit more on the electronica side of things for this fair, with our team on the ground in Australia handpicking some of the finest music dealers in the land, names such as: Dorian Dobrovic, Oz Vinyljunkie, Kato, Raine Supreme, William Lemnell, Erica Olsen, Georgie Zuzack, Damien Van Der Meer, Downtown Brown, Tim Morriss and many more! Expect stalls to be filled with a wide variety of Vinyl, Cds, and cassettes featuring genres such as techno, house, drum and bass, hip-hop, disco, electro and beyond… and of course crate diggers will also be pleased to find an amazing selection of non-electronic genres ripe for sampling or just a good old listening session. Sets from some of the world’s nicest DJs, thousands of records, tapes and Cds, Sunshine and chilled drinks … Sounds like a fantastic to spend your Saturday, Don’t you agree?


Factory Theatre Courtyard, Credit: Zomato

You can find more info on the Discogs Presents EMC Record Fair page.

We’re looking forward to seeing you all!

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