If you’re reading this, you probably already know about the benefits of having your Shipping Policies correctly set up. One of the best things about Shipping Policies is the convenience and time you’ll save on adding shipping prices to every order. One seller we spoke to was delighted to wake up to find orders having come in overnight, already completed and paid for without him having to lift a finger.

As with all admin, setting up Shipping Policies probably isn’t the most exciting thing you’ll do today, but it also doesn’t have to be a struggle. By putting in this time upfront you’ll save time in the long run. If you’ve been thinking about setting up but not sure how to get started, we’ve got you covered!

Things to consider before you set up your shipping policies:

Where you ship to

Your listings will only be shown to shoppers in countries you select in your Shipping Policies, so set them up wisely. Obviously the more countries you ship to, the bigger the pool of buyers – always good for order numbers.
If you think it’s not worth it to you to ship to the opposite hemisphere for an order below a certain amount, you can enter a minimum subtotal value in the Shipping Method. Your policy will only be added to orders over that amount.  

Gather information on shipping providers available in your country and the costs

As a seller on Discogs, you’re probably already pretty aware of shipping costs and may have your rates listed in your Seller Terms anyway. If not, we recommend starting by looking up your local postal service’s website for their rates, tariffs, and zones. It’s also worth looking into which courier services are available to you and their pricing. Sometimes their rates can be even cheaper, or they might offer more robust insurance options.

Shipping Rates Per Country
Check out our suggested shipping prices for several countries in North and South America, Europe (incl. UK), and Asia, with more countries to come.

That’s pretty much the hard part out of the way, now you just need to enter the information into your Shipping Policies in your Seller Settings. Follow along step-by-step as I set up Shipping Policies based on our price recommendations from Royal Mail in the UK.

Getting Started

Head over to your Shipping Policy editor.

This can be found in your Seller Settings

Or click the Marketplace dropdown in the main site navigation and under the ‘Sell Music’ column, click Inventory, then go to the Shipping Policies Tab. 

Select the first region you want to enter

Uncheck any countries you don’t want to ship to if necessary.

Set Shipping Policies on Weight, Format, or Quantity

You have three choices when you set up your Shipping Policies for how you want shipping to be measured and applied – by weight, format, or quantity of items. This all comes down to personal preference. Looking at how each of these is favored in current Shipping Policies, format is the most popular among sellers, followed by quantity. In the video loops below, I go with weight, based on suggested shipping prices from Royal Mail in our template (check it out if you’re in the UK).

Add your Shipping Prices by weight tier (or format or quantity, as applicable), and hit Save Changes.

Add additional shipping methods to give buyers more choice.

In this example, we’re offering Airmail and International Tracked & Signed. You might also like to offer Free Shipping over a certain amount by selecting it as a method and using the ‘Order subtotal must be at least X’ field, or Local Pickup for domestic orders.

Exclude Countries or Regions

If you can’t, or don’t want to ship to certain areas, excluding these countries from your Shipping Policies will ensure your listings aren’t available to buyers in those areas. (Sorry Oceania and Antarctica, it’s not you, it’s us).

And that about does it. Stay tuned for changes coming soon to how buyers can view your Shipping Policies on your Seller Profile and in the marketplace. We’ll add that here as soon as it’s live, along with other improvements slated for the Shipping Policy editor over the coming months.

If we missed part of setting up Shipping Policies or you need more clarity on any part of the process, let us know in the comments. Happy Shipping!

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