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October 11, 2020

Mark Richardson A Highly Personal Guide to Record Collecting for Beginners

Everybody needs an online destination with nothing but good vibes. For some it might be a site with a repository of cute animal videos, others might gravitate to an archive of vintage photographs that offers a window into what appears to be a saner world. For me, it’s the Reddit group r/vinyl, which consists almost […]

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Alex Ross Julian Anderson on The Rest Is Noise

I have been reading with much enjoyment Dialogues on Listening, Composing, and Culture, a new book of conversations between Julian Anderson and Christopher Dingle. I was, however, somewhat nonplussed to come across Anderson saying this of my book The Rest Is Noise: “It has its points and it’s lively, though there are huge areas of music, like Sibelius and Nielsen and all sorts of contemporary composers that are either barely mentioned, or neglected.” One of my fifteen chapters is, in fact, devoted almost exclusively to Sibelius. Not only that, in a discussion of Tapiola I quote from Anderson’s excellent article “Sibelius and Contemporary Music.” But so it goes.

from Alex Ross: The Rest Is Noise

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