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January 8, 2021

Alex Ross Personal note

To be from Washington, DC is in some sense to be from nowhere. There is no DC accent, no identity. The city’s population is too malleable and transient, it seems, for such markers to take hold. Nonetheless, you feel an ineradicable attachment to the place whence you came. Some usually undisturbed nerve of DC-ness, of DC pride, was touched by the grotesque and appalling images that came out of the US Capitol yesterday. I am not in the habit of shouting expletives at the television, but so it turned out.
My father grew up in the city and worked for the government for his entire career, at the US Geological Survey. My late mother worked part-time for the Smithsonian Institution for many years, in the National Museum of Natural History, on the Mall. She also volunteered at the White House during the Bush and Obama administrations. These somnolent, seemingly impregnable monuments were always in the background of my youth, though I very seldom went inside them. My only visit to the Capitol, as far as I can recall, was for a second-grade field trip in which we were given a tour by Senator Edward Kennedy, one of whose sons was in my class. I remember being very impressed by the underground miniature train that carried people from one part of the complex to another.
My rage at Wednesday’s events gave way to tears when I tried to imagine my mother’s reaction to them. She was deeply devoted to Washington’s ceremonial trappings and architecture. We had dozens of books about the White House, the Capitol, and other buildings on the mall. She was also politically very conservative. I don’t know if she would have accepted any of the right-wing justifications or distortions that are circulating around the terrorist incident at the Capitol, but I know that the sight of American symbols being destroyed would have caused her very intense distress. I can’t help feeling the same, even if the physical damage is incidental to the lives that were lost, and even if the entire circus-like spectacle drove home the concept of white privilege in incontrovertible fashion.

from Alex Ross: The Rest Is Noise

Alex Ross Agamemnon is listening

from Alex Ross: The Rest Is Noise

Alex Ross Social-media update

I deactivated my Twitter account in protest of the platform’s continued enablement of Trump.

from Alex Ross: The Rest Is Noise

In honor of David’s birthday today, I’ve decided to release this very special image from my archive…

via The Real Mick Rock

In honor of David’s birthday today, I’ve decided to release this very special image from my archive…

via The Real Mick Rock

Uncut T.Rex – Ultimate Music Guide

Keep a little Marc in your heart! Presenting the Ultimate Music Guide to Marc Bolan and T.Rex. Celebrating 50 years of “T Rextasy”: the moment in 1971 when Marc Bolan caught pop music’s changing mood, and took a huge audience with him for a thrilling glitter rock ride.

Buy a copy by clicking here

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Premiere: Patricia Brennan’s Maquishti

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Sam Richards Hear David Bowie’s covers of Bob Dylan and John Lennon songs

To mark what would have been David Bowie’s 74th birthday, his previously unreleased cover versions of Bob Dylan’s “Tryin’ To Get To Heaven” and John Lennon’s “Mother” – both recorded in the late-’90s – have been released together as a limited 7″ single.

The tracks are also available digitally. Listen to both of them below:

The 7” single is limited to 8147 numbered copies, referencing Bowie’s birth date of 8/1/47; the sleeve features a photograph of Bowie’s hand as a baby. 1000 copies will be on cream-coloured vinyl available only from the official David Bowie store and Warner Music’s Dig! store, with the rest on black vinyl. Order here.

You can read the full story about how David Bowie’s Bob Dylan and John Lennon covers came about in the new issue of Uncut, out next week! More details on the issue very soon…

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Sam Richards The Black Crowes announce Shake Your Money Maker deluxe reissue

The Black Crowes will reissue their classic 1990 debut Shake Your Money Maker in various permutations via UMe/American Recordings on February 26.

The 4xLP and 3xCD Super Deluxe versions include the original album, remastered; three never-before-heard studio recordings; two unreleased demos from the band’s early incarnation as Mr. Crowe’s Garden; B-sides; a 14-song unreleased concert recorded in their hometown of Atlanta, GA in December 1990; reproductions of an early Mr. Crowe’s Garden show flyer, setlist and tour laminate; a 4″ Crowes patch; and a 20-page book with liner notes by David Fricke.

Hear one of those unreleased studio recordings, “Charming Mess”, below:

A 2xCD Deluxe version features the remastered album along with the unreleased studio songs, demos, and B-sides. There will also be standard 1xCD and 1xLP versions.

Pre-order the Shake Your Money Maker reissue here and check out the tracklisting for the 4xLP Super Deluxe edition below. The accompanying tour reaches the UK and Ireland in October; tickets for that are available here.

LP 1: Shake Your Money Maker remastered
Side One:
1 Twice As Hard
2 Jealous Again
3 Sister Luck
4 Could I’ve Been So Blind
5 Seeing Things

Side Two:
1 Hard To Handle
2 Thick N’ Thin
3 She Talks To Angels
4 Struttin’ Blues
5 Stare It Cold
6 Mercy, Sweet Moan

LP 2: More Money Maker: Unreleased Songs and B-Sides
Side One:
1 Charming Mess
2 30 Days In The Hole
3 Don’t Wake Me
4 Jealous Guy
5 Waitin’ Guilty

Side Two:
1 Hard To Handle (With Horns Remix)
2 Jealous Again (Acoustic Version)
3 She Talks To Angels (Acoustic Version)
4 She Talks To Angels (Mr. Crowe’s Garden Demo)
5 Front Porch
6 Sermon (Mr. Crowe’s Garden Demo)

LP3 and 4 The Homecoming Concert: Atlanta, GA December 1990
Side One:
1 Introduction
2 Thick N’ Thin
3 You’re Wrong
4 Twice As Hard
5 Could I’ve Been So Blind
6 Seeing Things For The First Time

Side Two:
1 She Talks To Angels
2 Sister Luck
3 Hard To Handle
4 Shake ‘Em On Down/Get Back

Side Three:
1 Struttin’ Blues
2 Words You Throw Away

Side Four:
1 Stare It Cold
2 Jealous Again

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