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January 13, 2021

hrishikesh Episode 200: Yusuf / Cat Stevens

“Father and Son”

The legendary singer/songwriter Yusuf / Cat Stevens released his first album in 1967. He’s a member of the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, and his albums have sold millions. In 2020, he released Tea for the Tillerman², a re-imagining of his hit 1970 album Tea for the Tillerman. In the song “Father and Son,” he sings a duet between the two title characters, doing both voices. But in the 2020 version, he approached this song in a kind of astonishing way  —  he recorded the part of the father, but for the part of the son, he used a live recording of himself from 1970, taken from a show he played at The Troubadour in Los Angeles. So the two parts are still both sung in his voice, but 50 years apart. In this episode Yusuf / Cat Stevens tells the story of how he created, and then re-created “Father and Son.”

You can buy or stream the 2020 version of “Father and Son” here and the original version of “Father and Son” here.

Illustration by Carlos Lerma.

The West End, neighborhood
Nigel Hawthorne, actor and collaborator
Mona Bone Jakon
Morgan Studios
Chris Blackwell, Former Head of Island Records
Island Records
Paul Samwell Smith, producer
The Yardbirds
Moonshadow, The Musical

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Is there life on Mars? All of the previous and upcoming images from my #MickRockAtHome Instagram…

via The Real Mick Rock

Is there life on Mars? All of the previous and upcoming images from my #MickRockAtHome Instagram…

via The Real Mick Rock

Henry Bruce-Jones DÆMON joins forces with Endgame for kinetic VR visual, ‘Eye Teeth’

via Fact Magazine

The Wire 444 is out now!

via The Wire: Home

Let it rain: Bobby Few 1935–2021

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Sam Richards Hear Grandaddy cover The Beach Boys and Belle & Sebastian

Last year, Grandaddy’s Jason Lytle rerecorded his classic album The Sophtware Slump on a wooden piano.

At the same time, he also recorded solo piano versions of Belle & Sebastian’s “The Fox In The Snow” and The Beach Boys’ “In My Room”. These covers were initially released on the limited edition Black Friday Record Store Day 12” vinyl EP RIP Coyote Condo #5 in November, but they’ve now been given a wider release.

Listen to Grandaddy’s 2020’s Over Covers EP below:

2020's Over Covers by Grandaddy

Of “The Fox In The Snow”, Lytle says: “I’ve loved this Belle & Sebastian song for ages. I had to slow it down and tame the ‘bounce’ that it had though. I wanted it sweeter and sadder. That’s how I hear it: sweet and sad.”

As for “In My Room”, he says: “For anyone who claims introversion as a primary characteristic and has found themselves in some sort of career that requires communicating in public, this Beach Boys song is yours. Also, scarily fitting for just being anyone out there in the year 2020.”

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Sam Richards Mary McCartney to direct new Abbey Road documentary

Abbey Road Studios will celebrate its 90th anniversary this November with a feature-length documentary directed by Mary McCartney, entitled If These Walls Could Sing.

“Some of my earliest memories as a young child come from time spent at Abbey Road,” says McCartney. “I’ve long wanted to tell the story of this historic place and I couldn’t be collaborating with a better team.”

The documentary has been produced by John Battsek, and executive produced by Universal Music UK’s Marc Robinson and Mercury Studios CEO, Alice Webb.

Isabel Garvey, Managing Director of Abbey Road Studios, says: “If these walls could sing. I have lost count how many times I’ve heard that said at Abbey Road Studios over the years. I can’t wait for some of these stories to finally come to life in what will become a timeless documentary.”

If These Walls Could Sing marks the first time Abbey Road has opened its doors to a feature-length documentary. More details of Abbey Road’s 90th birthday celebrations will be announced in due course.

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