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January 10, 2022

Mosi Reeves The Race to Save Hip-Hop’s Lost Eras

Why are early rap recordings so hard to find, and what does the ideal historical archive look like?

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Kylie Lynne Around the World — Global Hip-Hop

Virtually every country has some kind of local variation of hip-hop with its own characteristics built from the genre’s American foundation in the early 1980s. AllMusic explores key traits and top artists of hip-hop in the Netherlands, South Korea, United Kingdom, France, and Nigeria.

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Fact Fact Mix 841: Yung Singh

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CAS Lisa Stansfield on ‘Affection’

Lisa Stansfield joins Classic Album Sundays founder/broadcaster Colleen ‘Cosmo’ Murphy for an in-depth look back at Lisa’s award-winning and triple-platinum certified debut album Affection.

Lisa Stansfield has done as much as anyone to establish Britain as a credible home of disco and house, soul and R&B, a viable alternative to the United States. Really, considering the last three decades of those genres, this nation’s saving soul graces have been Lisa and Sade, and anyone operating in those realms today owes them a debt of gratitude.

Four albums were international hits, selling more than 15 million copies and spawning over 20 hit singles, yet Stansfield was never interested in fame. The Adele of her day, she made only the music she wanted to make, didn’t try to keep up with trends and took her career at her own pace.

Listen: Ego Ella May on Sade ‘Diamond Life’

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