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May 2022

Vaughan Williams Today 3/4

This month, Donald Macleod takes a fresh look at one of Britain’s most popular composers, Ralph Vaughan Williams, as part of Radio 3’s ‘Vaughan Williams Today’ season – marking the 150th anniversary of the composer’s birth.
Alongside programmes which delve into Vaughan Williams’ life story and music in fascinating depth, over the course of four weeks and twenty programmes, Donald will also be talking to some of the leading authorities on Vaughan Williams to share and explore share new perspectives on a variety of overlooked and less well known aspects his life and work, forming a comprehensive and absorbing portrait of a composer whose body of work has had such an enduring imprint on British cultural life.

In the third week of this landmark series, Donald focuses on the years 1931-1947, a dramatic period in not just Vaughan Williams’ life, but in the wider world too, encompassing the second World War. Vaughan Williams was 67 when Britain and France declared war on the Reich, so too old for active service, but he threw himself into contributing wherever he could to the war effort. Musically, this was another period when the composer suffered from a crisis of failing inspiration and creative drought as the political turmoil deepened around him, but it would also give rise to some of his finest music, including three of his best regarded Symphonies – numbers 4, 5 and 6.

Music Featured:

Into the Woods my Master Went
Fantasia on Greensleeves
Piano Concerto in C major – I. Toccata; II. Romanza
Symphony no. 4 in F minor – III. Scherzo; IV. Finale con epilogo fugato
The Running Set
5 Tudor Portraits – V. Jolly Rutterkin
Two Hymn-Tune Preludes
Festival Te Deum in F
Riders to the sea – Act I: “…and may he have mercy on my soul”
Serenade to Music (Orchestral Version)
Epithalamion – The Lover’s Song
Epithamalion – Song of the Winged Love
Bushes and Briars
Symphony no. 5 in D major – IV. Passacaglia
Dona Nobis Pacem – I. Agnus Dei, II. Beat! Beat! Drums!, III. Reconciliation
Coastal Command Suite – Finale
5 variants of Dives and Lazarus
49th Parallel – The Invaders
Partita for Double String Orchestra – IV. Fantasia
Concerto for Oboe and Strings in A minor – III. Finale
Symphony No 3, ‘Pastoral Symphony’ (excerpt)
Song of Thanksgiving (excerpt)
Symphony No.6 in E minor – II. Moderato; III. Scherzo
Symphony no. 2 “A London Symphony” – IV. Andante con moto (excerpt)
Symphony no. 7 “Sinfonia Antartica” – V. Epilogue (excerpt)
Symphony no.1 “A Sea Symphony” – I. A Song for all Sea, all Ships (excerpt)
Symphony no 9 in E minor – IV. Andante tranquillo – poco animato (excerpt)
Symphony no.5 in D major – III. Romanza (excerpt)
Symphony no.5 in D major – I. Preludio
Symphony no 6 in E minor – III. Scherzo (excerpt)
Symphony no. 4 in F minor – I. Allegro (excerpt)
Symphony no.1 ‘A Sea Symphony’ – I. A Song for all Sea, all Ships (excerpt)
Symphony no. 6 in E minor- IV. Epilogue
Symphony no. 8 in D minor – IV. Toccata

Presented by Donald Macleod
Producer Sam Phillips

For full track listings, including artist and recording details, and to listen to the pieces featured in full (for 30 days after broadcast) head to the series page

And you can delve into the A-Z of all the composers we’ve featured on Composer of the Week here:

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CAS Classic Album Pub Quiz on Zoom

Join Classic Album Sundays founder Colleen ‘Cosmo’ Murphy on Wednesday 8th June at 8pm BST for our Classic Album Pub Quiz hosted on zoom. Grab a drink (BYOB), test your musical knowledge and have a laugh. To attend, subscribe as a Punter for £5.

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Attendees will receive an email with a private zoom link an hour before the event starts.  Doors open at 7:45 and the quiz in two themed halves starts at 8pm BST and finishes around 9pm.

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This event is open to our Punter, Member, VIP Member, Contributor, Benefactor and Angel subscribers. 

Participants will receive a Zoom invitation a couple of hours before showdown.

Time and Date: Wednesday 8th June at 8pm BST


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CAS Album of the Month Club: Miles Davis ’Sketches of Spain’

June’s Album Club on Wednesday 29th June 8pm BST will feature Miles Davis Sketches of SpainSketches of Spain is the most luxuriant and stridently romantic recording Davis ever made. To listen to it in the 21st century is still a spine-tingling experience, as one encounters a multitude of timbres, tonalities, and harmonic structures seldom found in the music called jazz.

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In advance of the meeting, Colleen will send out a ‘Musical Lead-Up Playlist’ of 10 songs – music that will set the tone for the deep album listening featuring Miles Davis’ inspirations and other bands in their milieu at that time.

At the meeting, itself, Colleen tells the story behind the album for about 20 minutes and then we listen to the album in its entirety without interruption following our listening guidelines – phones off and no talking. To be clear, its up to you to source whichever copy of the album you can get your hands on – streaming online, CD, vinyl – whatever it is. We don’t broadcast the album over Zoom as you won’t have a great listening experience.

After the album finishes we reconvene and have a discussion about the album and our listening experience.

Patreon Members and higher tiers can attend the Album Club and also our Classic Album Pub Quiz which will be held on Wednesday 29th June 8pm BST. You can subscribe here and don’t forget you can unsubscribe at any time.

We hope you can join us and thanks for listening!

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Our events really resonate with people and one of our newest members sent this testimonial after her first Album Club last month:

“I wanted to thank you for the warm welcome and the knowledge there are friendly like minded people across the world out there and you brought us all together through a shared love of music. That is awesome. I have been mostly alone through the pandemic (am single, live alone – and yes do have the requisite cats to complete the stereotype!😂) My 25 + year career has been in events, currently in the West End of London so in my “normal” life I would be out at least 3/4 times a week. That has all obviously completely stopped for me and it has been a somewhat of a struggle mentally, music has kept me sane and Sunday’s event really helped my sanity. I truly hope to meet you in real life at some point to say thank you in person and look forward to engaging in more events.” – Angela

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New video by Help Musicians on YouTube

Help Musicians Live Stream

View on YouTube

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Chloe Parker Episode 232: Kevin Morby

“This Is a Photograph”

Kevin Morby is a singer and songwriter based in Kansas City. He’s put out seven albums since 2013, including his most recent one, This is a Photograph which just came out on May 13th, 2022. For this episode, I talked to Kevin about the title track from This is a Photograph. It’s a story about his family, the pandemic, and memories of times that have happened — and times that haven’t happened yet.

You can buy or stream “This Is A Photograph” here.

Illustration by Carlos Lerma.

Silver Jews – “We Could Be Looking for the Same Thing”
Sam Cohen
Nathaniel Rateliff
Cochemea Gastelum
Alecia Chakour
Nick Kinsey
Stax Academy

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Lucy Mao 5 Popular Songs That Are Actually Covers

There are times when a cover outshines the initial version of a song, with a later rendition becoming so popular that people treat it as the original. AllMusic explores the stories behind five famous cover songs, chronicling their journeys from a first recording to a cover hit.

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Julianne Escobedo Shepherd Work Hard, Play Hard: How Rosalía Makes Her Music

“Bro, I’m the first to the studio and the last to leave,” says the Spanish singer, songwriter, and producer.

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Alex Ross A Pascal Bentoiu moment

Dozens of attempts have been made at setting Hamlet to music; few have been deemed successful. One that deserves a second look is a 1974 adaptation by the Romanian composer Pascal Bentoiu. I found myself mesmerized by his approach, though I umderstood not a word. The second act can also be found on YouTube, courtesy of Thorsten Gubatz.

from Alex Ross: The Rest Is Noise

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