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June 21, 2022

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FREE access to The Wire ‘s online library for one week

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Henry Bruce-Jones Vladislav Delay, Eivind Aarset and AGF give generative shape to dread noise with creative coder Olivia Jack’s open source video synthesizer, Hydra

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Starting from Scratch: Cornelius Cardew’s democratic rites

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Alex Ross For Mr. Baron

Martin J. Baron, for many decades the imperturbable admiral of fact-checking at The New Yorker, has died at the age of eighty-five. Mr. Baron, as he was invariably addressed, worked on most of my articles from the mid-1990s until his retirement, and I owe infinitely much to his knowledge, his meticulousness, his gentleness, and his sympathy.  As I wrote in the acknowledgments to The Rest Is Noise: “Martin Baron is the greatest fact-checker that ever was and ever will be. (Leave on author.)” The last phrase is a long-standing New Yorker locution, connoting something that cannot be checked by normal channels and is left to the writer’s discretion. The son of a St. Louis Symphony violinist, if I recall correctly, Martin had a profound love for classical music, Schubert above all. I offer the above in his memory.

from Alex Ross: The Rest Is Noise

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