20170126_085143So, as blogged previously, this is the new turntable used for listening and Play Grading (a service offered at mandersmedia), it has three speeds (33, 45, 78) so can Play Grade practically all Vinyl and most Shellac. It had 4 stars when reviewed in HiFi Choice in 2016 and well regarded. Can you work out what’s playing? Thanks to Robbie at Audio Oasis, Fordingbridge for great service.


There was an interesting article earlier on in the week on the Discogs blog in relation to Cassettes; take a look at Cassette Sales Continue to Grow… How?! This showed Cassette sales were up 74% in 2016 to 2015, there are nearly 250 Cassettes available – both albums and singles – from the mandersmedia shop, why not take a look and see if there’s something you fancy?

Another new addition to mandersmedia is Paul the Paper Cutter (see below), named after the first item sold (The Jam – Sound Affects) he is a welcome addition and will, I’m sure, give good service!


Many thanks to all those that are viewing this Blog, it have now gone up to 16 countries viewing it, it’s fantastic to be getting all your support.

Would you like to see what mandersmedia has in your Discogs ‘Items I Want’ list? If you select http://bit.ly/mandersmedia, this will take you straight to this list and show you.


Watch out for the Price Reductions tomorrow…

As always, you feedback is really beneficial, what do you think of this new style roundup?