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The week in mandersmedia

Hello and hope you’ve had a good week…

Two especially big announcements this week to tell you about.

We now accept bitcoin If you wish to pay by bitcoin, contact by message over at Discogs/Bookogs/Filmogs and the payment will be arranged. We are using the same payment system as some major companies and brands around the world. We believe this to be a great addition to the other payment options already offered. We are very interested to hear what you think about bitcoin.

We will be listing DVD and VHS on filmogs filmogs launched its Marketplace yesterday and we have some DVD and VHS titles ready to be listed! You will find them trickling on over the next handful of weeks. You’ll find the link to us in the Profile and Shipping Information on Discogs or go here.

More CDs, Cassettes and Vinyl will be listed this week, keep your eyes peeled, these will be across all sorts of genres and styles, we believe in stocking a wide variety of genres and formats for a wide choice.

Play grading focus This week we focus on the Akai 4000DS that’s used for Reel to Reel play grading, xagu on HiFi engine gives this 5 stars and says ‘Great little reel to reel. Amazing sound.’ Don’t forget, we are always able to play grade anything you wish to buy.

Podcast and/or YouTube? Would you like to see/hear podcasts and/or YouTube videos from us? We’d like to know.

Did you know? Ozzy Osbourne came a cropper when a catapult malfunctioned during his 1981 Diary Of A Madman tour. A catapult was supposed to throw meat into the audience but due to a fault when Ozzy put his foot on a lever, several pounds of offal hit the singer on the back of his head. (thanks to thisdayinmusic for this).

That’s it for this week, thanks as always for supporting us and to our customers, past, present and future.

Speak soon, John from mandersmedia


The week at mandersmedia

Hi everyone and hope you’ve had a great week. There’s quite a bit going on here at mandersmedia…

cropped-background-5.jpg  background 1

We’ve had a re-brand! Thanks to Perez Parrido for the new look, it’s a fantastic visual which we think more accurately represents mandersmedia as for some time now, we have been selling multiple formats and the old image really represented Vinyl Records. We like its dynamic, colourful but classic look with plenty of movement. Our logo has also changed to more accurately reflect our image moving forwards. The font here has also changed from an ornate to cleaner contemporary look. We hope you like it and we’re always interested to hear your feedback.

New ways to pay! We have just introduced new ways to pay at the shop on Discogs which include Paypal Credit (in GBP), Cashiers Cheque, Cheque, Money Order and Cash. We would like to offer as many options as possible to purchase to make it as convenient for you to buy your favourite music as possble.

We can play grade everything we sell! We’re very proud to be able to play grade everything we sell… Last week, we highlighted the Akai Open Reel and Akai 8 Track machines used for this, this time, it’s the Sony MDS-JE440 MiniDisc we highlight, this is a classic player from Sony and, in the future, MiniDiscs will become another format we will be selling.

Lots of Price reductions! Yesterday, there were around 100 price reductions through mandersmedia across the different formats, the Blog with them all on was published last night, it’s our biggest amount of price reductions for you! Every week, prices get reviewed to make sure they remain fair and competitive.

Did you know? James Brown holds the record for most US Hot 100 entries (ninety-nine) without ever scoring a number-one song. (thanks to

that’s everything for this week, if you’re a fan of CDs and Cassettes, keep your eyes on the shop on Discogs as there’s more being added this week…

until next time… thanks for all your support as always, John

The week at mandersmedia: cassettes, ideal for the outdoor weather, more vinyl and cassettes added and watch out for the next 7 days…, a new cassette deck!, open reel to reel coming soon, countries, over 1000 views, price reductions…

free-vector-tape-cassettesWelcome all! Hope you’ve had a great week? The sun is shining here in the UK and the nghts are drawing out, the birds are singing, the flowers popping up… It’s at this time of year, the portable formats become more popular so how about the cool format, the cassette! Here at nandersmedia, there are hundreds of cassettes available, take a look…


96x64A handful of Vinyl has been added over the last week, mainly from the 1980s, along with more cassettes from various periods, mainly in the rock and easy listening genres, watch out over the next 7 days as a LOT more is being added…


We’ve had an upgrade on the cassette deck here, we now have a Kenwood double cassette deck meaning we can check cassettes twice as quickly as well as play grade them on request.


reel-to-reelHere at mandersmedia, it’s not a belief to stick with one format (say, Vinyl) to sell, As reported last week, open reel to reel will be coming, this has now been improved with the addition of 7″ Cine Reels being added over time, there will be a selection of 4″, 5″ and 7″ to choose from, watch this space… Would you want to see 8 track tapes? Feedback in the comments…


globe-and-upward-arrow-formedThe Blog has hit 2 milestones over the past 2 weeks, it has now exceeded 50 countries viewing it this year (53 so far) and last week, it had over the 1000 hits (in fact 1127 so far this year), as is said always, thanks very much for those who are helping to make it happen and please spread the word if you like what you see and read…


price_reducedAs usual, by now you should’ve had chance to have a look through the price reductions, a mixed bag of genres and formats reduced, some pretty large reductions, take a look…


Have a great week everyone and speak with you next week. MM.


The week in mandersmedia: Record Store Day UK; 25 followers for the Blog; more cassettes; viewed in 45 countries; price reductions

recordstoredayUnder 6 weeks now until one of the most important events in the music calendar, although mandersmedia won’t be taking part (at least this year), watch this space for a list of releases when more is known…



25 People following the Blog now, thanks very much for subscribing, please spread the word about the Blog, next stop… 50!



Around 60 more cassettes and a few CDs went on sale this week, the widest range of genres are covered from Rock to Easy Listening, Jazz to Electronic, Classical to Country, Latin to Reggae…



The list of countries viewing this Blog keeps on growing, now at 45, not far from 50, as with followers above, a thank you to all those who have and are viewing the Blog, it would be great to hear from you…



By now, I’m sure you’ve seen the price reductions, It’s hoped you find something that you like at a price that’s attractive to you…



that’s all for this week… have a great week, mandersmedia…



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