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The week at mandersmedia

Hi everyone and hope you’ve had a great week. There’s quite a bit going on here at mandersmedia…

cropped-background-5.jpg  background 1

We’ve had a re-brand! Thanks to Perez Parrido for the new look, it’s a fantastic visual which we think more accurately represents mandersmedia as for some time now, we have been selling multiple formats and the old image really represented Vinyl Records. We like its dynamic, colourful but classic look with plenty of movement. Our logo has also changed to more accurately reflect our image moving forwards. The font here has also changed from an ornate to cleaner contemporary look. We hope you like it and we’re always interested to hear your feedback.

New ways to pay! We have just introduced new ways to pay at the shop on Discogs which include Paypal Credit (in GBP), Cashiers Cheque, Cheque, Money Order and Cash. We would like to offer as many options as possible to purchase to make it as convenient for you to buy your favourite music as possble.

We can play grade everything we sell! We’re very proud to be able to play grade everything we sell… Last week, we highlighted the Akai Open Reel and Akai 8 Track machines used for this, this time, it’s the Sony MDS-JE440 MiniDisc we highlight, this is a classic player from Sony and, in the future, MiniDiscs will become another format we will be selling.

Lots of Price reductions! Yesterday, there were around 100 price reductions through mandersmedia across the different formats, the Blog with them all on was published last night, it’s our biggest amount of price reductions for you! Every week, prices get reviewed to make sure they remain fair and competitive.

Did you know? James Brown holds the record for most US Hot 100 entries (ninety-nine) without ever scoring a number-one song. (thanks to

that’s everything for this week, if you’re a fan of CDs and Cassettes, keep your eyes on the shop on Discogs as there’s more being added this week…

until next time… thanks for all your support as always, John

The week in mandersmedia: new websites, blog curated content upgrade, upgraded printer, ‘super furry animals’, price reductions…

Hello, I hope you had a great week, busy times at mandersmedia with lots of improvements…


httpWe will start with websites… you will now find mandersmedia at a number of different addresses starting with, how about finding what’s in stock in the ‘bargain bin’? well, you can now go to and this lists everything sold which is £1.00 or less! which will host promotions in the future, look out for Summer, Black Friday etc etc… and, the new, easy to remember address for this blog. Watch out for further announcements on the website front in the future.



In the next few weeks will see an upgrade on how some of the content is displayed and curated on this blog, especially Discogs, watch this space…



A new upgraded printer has hit mandersmedia towers, an upgrade from the Inkjet prnter that was used to the higher powered colour laser printer, the HP Color Laser  Jet CM1312 MFP.



There’s a proliferation of ‘super furry animals’ that live at mandersmedia towers…

White mouse appreciating some Stan Kenton on the Sharp open reel machine and brown mouse keeping an eye on proceedings…



price_reducedYou’ll find some price reductions again this week which you’ll find in the blog roll… As always, please feed back with any comments regarding this weekly blog or the blog in general and if you like what you read, please share and spread the word…


That’s it for this this week, have a great week ahead, until next week…

John, founder of mandersmedia.


The week in mandersmedia: Reel to Reel, new websites, better blog, countries, price reductions

Welcome this week to the Blog, hoping you had a good week. Lots of things happening at mandersmedia towers and here’s the detail.


Sharp RD708v
Sharp RD708V

This week saw the arrival of the Reel to Reel tape machine that has been talked about for the last few weeks, it’s a Sharp RD708V, it enables mandersmedia to offer a Play Grading service on Reel to Reel (open reel) tapes which will soon be sold (watch this space).



new websites

You will find new websites appearing as the mandersmedia brand expands starting over the next few weeks with this Blog which has a new website address coming up which will be, you can now also find the store right now at Watch this space for further announcements…


upgraded blog package

So what’s happening with the Blog then? You will see the share buttons have been simplified and also a recent upgrade to a blog related package will mean more non-rss Blog content, it’s always interesting to hear what you’d like to see on here so please feed back by either sending a message or leaving a comment.


viewed in 54 countries

So, on to some regular Blog entries starting with the Country Count,  so how are we looking? 54 Countries, we seem to be at a steady position at the moment, as always, if you like what you see in this blog, please share using the various buttons.


some great reducions


And finally, as always a reminder to take a look at the Price Reductions this week which have already been posted, a good handful of reductions for you all…


That’s all for this time, don’t forget, you can fax at +44(0)1225681008, love to hear from you! Have a great week… mandersmedia 🙂

The week at mandersmedia: free shipping available for United Kingdom and International buyers; Record Store Day UK; viewed in Countries; Price Reductions

Welcome again all mandersmedia blog readers…

free shipping logo 2(6)
UK £20+ and International £50+

The main news this week is the introduction of FREE SHIPPING! The qualifying spends on items are £20.00 if you’re in the United Kingdom and £50.00 if you’re International, it’s been introduced to give you extra buying power and to make it affordable for those low price releases (there are many for under £1 and even £0.50!). As always, it would be great to hear what you think of these changes…


Full list for RSD UK 2017 here!

Record Store Day is almost upon us, and although mandersmedia won’t be taking part this year, who knows in the future… massive list this year which is featured here: rsd-releases-final-embargoed-21st-march

viewed in 49 Countries

This blog is now viewed in 49 countries worldwide, if you have ideas that you’d like to share of how its reach can be extended, it’d be great to hear from you as always. As ever, if you like what you read, please spread the word, the more reach, the more diverse content that can be added…


lots of reductions!

By the time you read this, the price reductions would’ve been publised, there’s quite a few to feast your eyes on this time through a wide variety of genres including Popluar, Jazz, Classical and Stage & Screen on different formats, did you know you can own yourself a whole LPs worth of music on Vinyl for just £0.17?! all you need to do pay shipping (or maybe even free shipping depending on spend…)


That’s it for this weeks catch up of the world of mandersmedia, please feedback what your thoughrs are on the Blog, please leave a comment. It would be great to hear from you… MM 🙂

The week in mandersmedia: Record Store Day UK; 25 followers for the Blog; more cassettes; viewed in 45 countries; price reductions

recordstoredayUnder 6 weeks now until one of the most important events in the music calendar, although mandersmedia won’t be taking part (at least this year), watch this space for a list of releases when more is known…



25 People following the Blog now, thanks very much for subscribing, please spread the word about the Blog, next stop… 50!



Around 60 more cassettes and a few CDs went on sale this week, the widest range of genres are covered from Rock to Easy Listening, Jazz to Electronic, Classical to Country, Latin to Reggae…



The list of countries viewing this Blog keeps on growing, now at 45, not far from 50, as with followers above, a thank you to all those who have and are viewing the Blog, it would be great to hear from you…



By now, I’m sure you’ve seen the price reductions, It’s hoped you find something that you like at a price that’s attractive to you…



that’s all for this week… have a great week, mandersmedia…



Price reductions Friday at mandersmedia

Welcome to price reductions Friday at mandersmedia. Where there are price reductions, these will be done on Friday in time for the weekend…

Spandau Ballet – The Singles Collection (Chrysalis) 2xLP, Comp was £5.47, now £4.12

Bay City Rollers – Once Upon A Star (Bell Records) LP, Album was £1.26, now £1.00

Vaughan Williams* – Academy Of St. Martin-in-the-Fields*, Neville Marriner* – Vaughan Williams Concert (Argo (2), Argo (2)) LP, Album was £6.65, now £5.26

Handel* – King’s College Choir, Cambridge* With James Bowman (2), Robert Tear, Benjamin Luxon And The Academy Of St. Martin-in-the-Fields*, David Willcocks – Messiah (His Master’s Voice, His Master’s Voice, His Master’s Voice, His Master’s Voice) 3xLP + Box was £18.01, now £10.00

The Kids From Fame – The Kids From Fame Again (RCA, RCA) LP was £0.91, now £0.72




Price reductions!

Here are some price reductions at mandersmedia…

Khatchaturian* – Vienna Philharmonic* · Khatchaturian* – Spartacus / Gayaneh (Decca) LP, RP was £14.57 now £4.97

Mussorgsky* / Ravel*, Chicago Symphony Orchestra*, Sir Georg Solti* – Pictures From An Exhibition / Le Tombeau De Couperin (Decca) LP was £3.94 now £3.00

The Art Of Noise – Legs (China Records, China Records) 12″, Single was £2.60 now £1.85



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