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The week at mandersmedia: free shipping available for United Kingdom and International buyers; Record Store Day UK; viewed in Countries; Price Reductions

Welcome again all mandersmedia blog readers…

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UK £20+ and International £50+

The main news this week is the introduction of FREE SHIPPING! The qualifying spends on items are £20.00 if you’re in the United Kingdom and £50.00 if you’re International, it’s been introduced to give you extra buying power and to make it affordable for those low price releases (there are many for under £1 and even £0.50!). As always, it would be great to hear what you think of these changes…


Full list for RSD UK 2017 here!

Record Store Day is almost upon us, and although mandersmedia won’t be taking part this year, who knows in the future… massive list this year which is featured here: rsd-releases-final-embargoed-21st-march

viewed in 49 Countries

This blog is now viewed in 49 countries worldwide, if you have ideas that you’d like to share of how its reach can be extended, it’d be great to hear from you as always. As ever, if you like what you read, please spread the word, the more reach, the more diverse content that can be added…


lots of reductions!

By the time you read this, the price reductions would’ve been publised, there’s quite a few to feast your eyes on this time through a wide variety of genres including Popluar, Jazz, Classical and Stage & Screen on different formats, did you know you can own yourself a whole LPs worth of music on Vinyl for just £0.17?! all you need to do pay shipping (or maybe even free shipping depending on spend…)


That’s it for this weeks catch up of the world of mandersmedia, please feedback what your thoughrs are on the Blog, please leave a comment. It would be great to hear from you… MM 🙂

Record Store Day UK 2017 full list!

So here it is, the list of all the Record Store UK releases for 2017… Simply click the link below to open the PDF document


There’s over 500 releases to choose from, happy reading!


The week in mandersmedia: Record Store Day UK; 25 followers for the Blog; more cassettes; viewed in 45 countries; price reductions

recordstoredayUnder 6 weeks now until one of the most important events in the music calendar, although mandersmedia won’t be taking part (at least this year), watch this space for a list of releases when more is known…



25 People following the Blog now, thanks very much for subscribing, please spread the word about the Blog, next stop… 50!



Around 60 more cassettes and a few CDs went on sale this week, the widest range of genres are covered from Rock to Easy Listening, Jazz to Electronic, Classical to Country, Latin to Reggae…



The list of countries viewing this Blog keeps on growing, now at 45, not far from 50, as with followers above, a thank you to all those who have and are viewing the Blog, it would be great to hear from you…



By now, I’m sure you’ve seen the price reductions, It’s hoped you find something that you like at a price that’s attractive to you…



that’s all for this week… have a great week, mandersmedia…



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