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Richer Unsigned

C M Artist Of The Week: Izzy Thomas

Izzy Thomas is this week’s Artist Of The Week! Izzy sports a sound that takes tried n’ true alt-rock sonics, that then get layered over heavy hip-hop inflected electronic beats that hit like a freight train, making for a refreshing take that keeps things exciting. On top of that, her powerhouse, blues-influenced vocals add heft that will get heads nodding in no time! We love her latest single “Trouble (Pull That Trigger)”, as it perfectly highlights both her incredible voice and her unique production choices:

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C M Richer Unsigned Session – March

As Spring starts to poke up it glorious, sunny head, we returned to Cambridge Audio’s Melomania venue for another Unsigned Session, with another two great acts!


First up was Long For The Coast, the musical alias of Devon-based husband and wife duo Jamie and Sophie Gould. With a combination of sincere lyrics and beautiful harmonies, they sing stories about social change, spiritual adventures, and close friends lost and found. Despite James facing a last-minute catastrophe of a tuning peg disintegrating (every guitarist’s worst nightmare!), they delivered a stunningly delicate performance, taking the time to explain the stories behind the songs, weaving us even closer into their world. When asked how they felt about the cost-free services we offer musicians Jamie said: “When someone gives a platform to people that don’t have a huge following to get their music heard in a professional space like this, that’s hugely helpful.” Sophie echoed “Our experience with Richer Unsigned and Richer Sounds makes us think ‘Wow! It’s so nice to come across a company the recognises the value of music and what people have put into it, and there’s a excellence to it’”.

Long For The Coast told us they have plenty of exciting new music that’s available now, and even more to come so be sure to keep your eyes and ears open!


Next up was a group that is certainly no stranger to long-time follower of the Richer Unsigned program! Firewood Island is the alias of Bristol based Norwegian/Welsh multi-instrumentalists and songwriters Stian Vedøy and Abi Eleri. Their emotive and dynamic vocal harmonies together with the mix-up of organic and digital instruments, creates an atmospheric soundscape that is moving yet striking. They’ve christened their sound ‘Mountain Pop’.

The band played the very first Richer Unsigned session in a jazz club in Chelsea. Q-Magazine wrote a little piece about them, which ended up getting us a manager who worked with them for four years. “In many ways Richer Unsigned was the perfect springboard to put us on the right track in the music industry.” says Stian of their Unsigned journey. “We also got to support Bear’s Den in the very first RU Record Store day concert and to play a Richer Unsigned session again is like doing a full circle. It’s been a rollercoaster, but a great one. We love what you do, supporting under-radar artists, and giving them an opportunity that is unlike most.”

Firewood Island has been on a very steady rise since our first meeting with them, with their music getting exciting placements in TV shows and more, and we couldn’t be prouder. We can’t wait to see what the future has in store for these two incredible artists!

We’d like to say a big thanks to all the music fans and friends that came out to support and packed the house – and we’ll see you again next time!

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C M Artist Of The Week: Darshaan

London-based artist and producer Darshaan is our Artist Of The Week! Once he picked up his first guitar at age 11, he knew music was the road for him, gigging around Cardiff’s open mic circuit, going on to study music production at BIMM London. He played gigs at some of London’s most storied venues, with his soulful pop/R&B sound that fans of Daniel Caesar, Years & Years and Jamie Issac are sure to love. His latest single, the summery “Watercolours.” premiered on the Bobby Friction Show on BBC Asian Network, and just so happens to be our choice cut too!

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C M Artist Of The Week: wood ewe

This week’s Artist Of The Week is wood ewe. The brainchild of Manchester-based Iain Henderson, their unique strain of psychedelia runs through the whole project while working in elements bluesy folk and thoughtful electronica that becomes an organic-sounding unique and experimental creature. Or, as they describe it: “Psych-soaked guitar lines cuddle electronic loops in a freak folk blanket.” Any way you slice it, we think wood ewe has a lil’ something for everyone! Check out “Bonfire March” below to hear for yourself:

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C M Artist Of The Week: Nii

Nii is our Artist Of The Week! This Leeds-based pop/R&B singer may be influenced by artists like Frank Ocean, John Mayer and HAIM, but his bright upbeat guitar-driven sound is something all his own. And we’re not lone in loving his music, having been recognised by both Fender and Futuresounds as an artist to look out for. As we finally start to see some sunshine, we feel like “Let It Show” is the perfect anthem for getting out of the house and shaking off the cobwebs!

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C M Artist of the Week: One Million Motors

Our Artist Of The Week is One Million Motors! This roots-punk band from Newcastle-Upon-Tyne formed in spring 2018 with a shared passion of punk, melody and determination. The band strives to create positive, sweat drenched anthems to be screamed out loud at the top of your lungs, with a high-energy live show to match! We’ve picked one of their latest tracks “Ghosts” to give you a taste of their melodic brand of punk:

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C M Best of Richer Unsigned vinyl by James Morrison

We excitedly announce this year’s Best of Richer Unsigned vinyl!


This year, we’ve been lucky enough to have none other than James Morrison on curatorial duties, selecting 10 of his favourite Unsigned artists to have their songs lovingly pressed to limited-edition vinyl (2000 copies total) in celebration of Record Store Day 2019. At Richer Sounds, music has been our passion for more than 40 years, and Richer Unsigned are extremely proud to be able to offer upcoming artists this chance to get their music sounding it’s absolute best by being pressed to vinyl.


If you want to add one of these exclusive records to your record collection, simply come and find us at our Record Store Day stall on Berwick Street, London on April 13th and grab a free goodie bag containing the vinyl along with a bunch of other exclusive freebies. In the meantime, have a listen to the featured songs and artists appearing on the vinyl and get yourself excited for the big day!

And while you’re at it, be sure to check out James’ new album You’re Stronger Than You Know, out now at all your favourite places to buy music.


Side A

1. Jerry Williams – Left And Right (2:35)
2. Leo James Conroy – White Noise (3:21)
3. Jocee – Just Love (3:07)
4. Rahh – Overkill (3:40)
5. Felix Shepherd – Happier (3:44)

Side B

1. Just Like Fruit – Fun Fairs (3:08)
2. Grace Gillespie – Human Heart (3:04)
3. Hannah Jackson – Grace (3:40)
4. Carmody – Summer Rain (4:05)
5. Ivan Moult – Speaking In Tongues (3:39)

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C M Artist Of The Week: Cara Hammond

Cara Hammond is this week’s Artist Of The Week! Originally from North Wales, but now based in London, Cara has been writing songs since she was 11 and performing them since she was 14! Her soulful indie pop sound takes influence from her favourite artists like Lianna La Havas, Dua Lipa, and  Amy Winehouse, with powerhouse vocals that can easily tread delicately along a melody, but bring the house down when the time calls. Check out our favourite “Try To Love You” to see what we’re on about:

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C M Artist Of The Week: Screams From The Sun

We’ve picked Screams From The Sun as our Artist Of The Week! This alternative synth pop/rock duo from London crafts lush soundscapes that act as a perfect backdrop to bright pop melodies and lovely layered vocals. Our choice cut is their latest single “Battles”, which shows the band at their more anthemic side:

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