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July 2022

Charles T. Downey Briefly Noted: Carlos Simon Requiem

Carlos Simon, Requiem for the Enslaved, Marco Pavé, MK Zulu, Hub New Music, Carlos Simon
(released on June 17, 2022)
Decca 00028948529421 | 44’53”
In 1838, the Jesuit priests in charge of what was then Georgetown College paid off that institution’s debts. The money came from the sale of 272 enslaved persons, including children as young as two months old, who were sent on ships to plantations

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Ludwig van Beethoven (1770-1827)

Donald Macleod explores Beethoven’s life as a set of themes and variations, beginning with his very first musical excursions in the form in the early 1790s.

Ludwig van Beethoven (1770-1827) composed piano music in the form of themes and variations across his entire career – from his earliest published work to his late, titanic “Diabelli Variations”, lasting nearly an hour. And Beethoven’s life can itself be seen as a set of variations on a theme: recurring episodes of unrequited love, artistic anguish, angry fallings-out and constant striving for the highest pinnacle of musical achievement. Yet Beethoven’s piano variations often lie in the shadow of his 32 great sonatas for the instrument. This week, Donald Macleod puts that right – shining a light on this remarkable corpus of work, as well another often-overlooked genre: his piano bagatelles.

Diabelli Variations (Theme and 1st variation)
Variations in C Minor on a theme of Ernst Christoph Dressler, WoO 63
Variations in G on “Quant’e piu bello”, WoO 69
Piano Trio no 2 in G, Opus 1 No 2 (2nd mvt)
Piano Concerto no 2 in B Flat, Op 19 (3rd mvt)
Six Bagatelles, Op 126
Variations in D on “Rule Britannia!”, WoO 79
Variations in F, Op 34
Christ On The Mount Of Olives, Op 85 (excerpt)
Seven Bagatelles, Op 33
Bagatelle in C Major, Woo 54 “Lustig-Traurig”
Clarinet Trio, Op 38 (5th mvt)
An die Hoffnung, Op 32
Eroica Variations, Op 35
Triple Concerto in C Major, Op 56 (2nd and 3rd mvts)
Tarnopolsky: Echoes Of The Passing Day
Bagatelle in A Minor (“Für Elise”), WoO 59
Variations in C Minor, WoO 80
Mass in C Major: Credo
Variations on an original theme (March from the “Ruins of Athens”), Op 76
Eleven Bagatelles, Op 119
Diabelli Variations, Op 120: Theme
Diabelli Variations, Op 120: Variations 1-10
Diabelli Variations, Op 120: Variations 11-14
Franz Liszt: Variation 24 for Diabelli’s Waltz
F.X. Mozart: Variation 28 for Diabelli’s Waltz
Schubert: Variation 38 for Diabelli’s Waltz
Diabelli Variations, Op 120: Variations 15-18
Diabelli Variations, Op 120: Variations 25-33

Presented by Donald Macleod
Produced by Steven Rajam

For full track listings, including artist and recording details, and to listen to the pieces featured in full (for 30 days after broadcast) head to the series page for Ludwig van Beethoven (1770-1827)

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Shane Woolman presents Adventures In Sound And Music : Laurie Anderson special

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Fact Future Shock: Weirdcore

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Wire playlist: Laura Cannell

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Chloe Parker Episode 237: Sudan Archives

“Selfish Soul”

Sudan Archives is a singer, songwriter, producer, and violinist. She grew up in Cincinnati before moving to LA. Her music has been called “viscerally gorgeous” by The Guardian, and “stunning” by Pitchfork, who gave her in ‘Best New Music.’ This year, she’s releasing her second album, and one of the tracks on it is “Selfish Soul.” She told me the idea for this song started when she asked her boyfriend, James (who is the rapper Nocando) to shave her head. Cutting off her hair made her reflect on her whole hair story, from experiences she had as a kid, to the cultural and racial issues that have historically surrounded Black women’s hair.

You can buy or stream “Selfish Soul” here.

For a transcript of this episode, click here.

Illustration by Carlos Lerma.

Ween Ya Habaayeb by Aisha Al-Falatiya
Ben Dickey, manager and co-producer
Dexter Story

The post Episode 237: Sudan Archives appeared first on Song Exploder.

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Mano Sundaresan Quinn Is Too Real For the Internet

In the early pandemic, the 17-year-old rapper/producer went viral for her spin on hyperpop; now, her new self-titled album looks for a more present life.

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Tarisai Ngangura Tinashe Has It All Under Control

After years of major label blues, the R&B siren has settled into a sweet spot of independent bliss. What now?

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Greg Prato The Launch of MTV: “People’s ‘Feel-Good Hub'”

On August 1st, 41 years will have passed since the initial launch of MTV in the US. To mark this anniversary, we share a section from Greg Prato’s book MTV Ruled the World: The Early Years of Music Video, which details the channel’s initial launch, its immensely catchy theme song (played at the top of each hour), and its slow build to success.

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