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The week in mandersmedia

Hello and welcome! Hope you’ve had a good week…

So, what’s been happening this week?

New packaging used for CDs we’ve started to use cardboard based packaging for your CDs, a change from the jiffy bags being used previously.

Listed! Lots of new titles been added over the last week… CDs and some vinyl, some really interesting titles if you’re about the music and not the outer jacket (David Bowie, Gregory Isaacs). Another highlight of the week is the Mikey Dread – Roots and Culture 12″, a rare cut from the early 1980s on the Dread At The Controls label… watch out this week for more vinyl, CDs and cassettes…

mandermedia is a registered company! mandersmedia is a registered company trading as a business.

Watch out for… Soon we will be donating a percentage of the sales to charity, keep watching this space for more news on this.

Price reductions… some more price reductions this week, see the Blog just published.

Did you know… David Bowie’s Ziggy Stardust is about Vince Taylor, who wrote Brand New Cadillac which was covered by The Clash. (thanks to thisdayinmusic for the fact)

That’s all for this week, as always, if you have any questions or feedback, please get in contact.

Have a great week! John from mandersmedia


The week at mandersmedia

Hi everyone and hope you’ve had a great week. There’s quite a bit going on here at mandersmedia…

cropped-background-5.jpg  background 1

We’ve had a re-brand! Thanks to Perez Parrido for the new look, it’s a fantastic visual which we think more accurately represents mandersmedia as for some time now, we have been selling multiple formats and the old image really represented Vinyl Records. We like its dynamic, colourful but classic look with plenty of movement. Our logo has also changed to more accurately reflect our image moving forwards. The font here has also changed from an ornate to cleaner contemporary look. We hope you like it and we’re always interested to hear your feedback.

New ways to pay! We have just introduced new ways to pay at the shop on Discogs which include Paypal Credit (in GBP), Cashiers Cheque, Cheque, Money Order and Cash. We would like to offer as many options as possible to purchase to make it as convenient for you to buy your favourite music as possble.

We can play grade everything we sell! We’re very proud to be able to play grade everything we sell… Last week, we highlighted the Akai Open Reel and Akai 8 Track machines used for this, this time, it’s the Sony MDS-JE440 MiniDisc we highlight, this is a classic player from Sony and, in the future, MiniDiscs will become another format we will be selling.

Lots of Price reductions! Yesterday, there were around 100 price reductions through mandersmedia across the different formats, the Blog with them all on was published last night, it’s our biggest amount of price reductions for you! Every week, prices get reviewed to make sure they remain fair and competitive.

Did you know? James Brown holds the record for most US Hot 100 entries (ninety-nine) without ever scoring a number-one song. (thanks to

that’s everything for this week, if you’re a fan of CDs and Cassettes, keep your eyes on the shop on Discogs as there’s more being added this week…

until next time… thanks for all your support as always, John

The week at mandersmedia: free shipping available for United Kingdom and International buyers; Record Store Day UK; viewed in Countries; Price Reductions

Welcome again all mandersmedia blog readers…

free shipping logo 2(6)
UK £20+ and International £50+

The main news this week is the introduction of FREE SHIPPING! The qualifying spends on items are £20.00 if you’re in the United Kingdom and £50.00 if you’re International, it’s been introduced to give you extra buying power and to make it affordable for those low price releases (there are many for under £1 and even £0.50!). As always, it would be great to hear what you think of these changes…


Full list for RSD UK 2017 here!

Record Store Day is almost upon us, and although mandersmedia won’t be taking part this year, who knows in the future… massive list this year which is featured here: rsd-releases-final-embargoed-21st-march

viewed in 49 Countries

This blog is now viewed in 49 countries worldwide, if you have ideas that you’d like to share of how its reach can be extended, it’d be great to hear from you as always. As ever, if you like what you read, please spread the word, the more reach, the more diverse content that can be added…


lots of reductions!

By the time you read this, the price reductions would’ve been publised, there’s quite a few to feast your eyes on this time through a wide variety of genres including Popluar, Jazz, Classical and Stage & Screen on different formats, did you know you can own yourself a whole LPs worth of music on Vinyl for just £0.17?! all you need to do pay shipping (or maybe even free shipping depending on spend…)


That’s it for this weeks catch up of the world of mandersmedia, please feedback what your thoughrs are on the Blog, please leave a comment. It would be great to hear from you… MM 🙂

The week at mandersmedia: shipping to 239 countries, more cassettes, over 1000 items to choose from, Blog viewed in 42 countries, CD Cleaner & Restorer polish

Hello everyone, lots going on this week at mandersmedia. It’s been a busy week here with improvements…

Shipping in 239 Countries

Automatic Shipping pricing is now available at ‘Cart’ on Discogs for over 239 countries worldwide! Almost all the countries have shipping pricing up to 10kg. This means you know exactly how much it’s going to cost without trying to work out a Shipping Policy or wait for an answer for how much Shipping is going to cost. This has been a big project and it’s felt it will offer a great benefit to all shoppers with mandersmedia. Please advise of your thoughts about this new upgrade.



more cassettes added

More cassettes have been added to purchase at mandersmedia store on Discogs with more to come over the next few days (around 200 being added), it is quite a big update; it doesn’t mean that MM are no longer focusing on other formats, quite the opposite, if there’s an interest, it’ll be stocked!



1000 items!

…In fact, it’s just about to break the 1000 items barrier at the mandersmedia store on Discogs, covering Vinyl, Shellac, Cassettes, CDs and genres including Classical, Rock, Pop, Electronic, Funk, Soul, Jazz, Stage & Screen, Folk, World & Country, Hip Hop, Latin, Blues, Brass & Military, Reggae, Childrens and even Non-Music! with a view of giving a wide choice and continuing to expand!


Blog viewed in 42 countries and rising

The mandersmedia Blog is now being viewed in 42 countries and rising, as always, it would be great to hear your feedback about it as it has been designed to be informative and a resource for music enthusiasts to scan through, whatever your taste in music… Thank you for all your support so far those whom have viewed and liked the articles.

CD Cleaning and Restoring polish


Finally this week, we have an addition to the cleaning and preparation tools aready used before shipping your purchase in the shape of the CD Cleaning and Restoring polish kit, it’ll be used to make sure your CD purchase will come out as pristine and clean as it can.



Price Reductions

By now, you should have seen the Price Reductions, hope you find something that you find of interest, perhaps a gem you’ve been waiting for it to be the right price before buying??



That’s it for this weeks update, as always, please leave some feedback as would be very interested to know what you think… mandersmedia.

The week at mandersmedia: more International shipping destinations! more cassettes! Countries! Price reductions!

Quite a quiet week here at mandersmedia due to a very focused effort on increasing the countries that can order, it a complex task!


It’s the focus to make ordering as straight forward as possible so with that in mind, automated shipping pricing is being rolled out to as many countries as possible… no need to work out the price yourself as the Discogs ‘Cart’ will do it for you! On top of this, the maximum weight is being extended to unlimited in the United Kingdom and 10kg Internationally with the option of getting a quote for parcels up to 30kg. It’s hoped this will cover almost all requirements.


There have been more cassettes obtained over the last week, there were some due to be added in the last week and that hasn’t materialised due to the focus on international shipping, apologies for that and hopefully you’ll think the wait is worthwile…


mandersmedia Blog has now been viewed in 36 countries this year, as always, thank you to all of you for viewing this and if you like what you see, please spread the word (thanks also goes to for the image).


There will be a handful of price reductions by the time you read this, hopefully, you find something you want at an attractive price.

That’s it for this week, as always, it would be great to get your feedback.



The week at mandersmedia; Domestic and International parcel pricing expanded, amended taglines, Countries,, Songlines, Price reduced

Hi all, a few things in the pipeline this week to share with everyone. At the moment, the shipping prices are being expanded to give more options when purchasing from mandersmedia, the United Kingdom prices have already been added and this now means there are no weight limits, just order what you like and the automatic checkout shipping service will give you a price no matter what quantity you wish to order! The Intrnational service will include automatic shipping prices up to 10kg (up from 2kg) with an option to get a price for weights above this; this is currently being worked on. mandersmedia are using Parcelforce Worldwide for the additional shipping options, this is a body that’s recognised by the EMS.


The taglines on the Blog (here) on Faceook and Twitter have been amended to more accurately reflect what mandersmedia is all about.

This is now viewed in 27 countries and rising, as always, thanks again for your support, it’s always appreciatws; if you like what you see, please share this with others.

You may have noticed on the posts it states ‘Rating: 0’, this is not mandersmedia giving the post a ‘0’, it’s simply the way it gets posted. mandersmedia thinks they’re great posts!

Hope you’re enjoying the Songlines playlists that are being posted and that they’re enriching your musical pallette, the Fania playlist is being particularly enjoyed here.


As always look out for the price reduced post later.

Thanks very much for reading, please send us your feedback as it would be great to read it.


This week at mandersmedia: Songlines and Record Store Day UK Blogs, Record Cleaning service, viewed in 21 Countries, share buttons, CDs added, amended Blog descriptions…

So, another week at mandersmedia, where does the time go! Here’s what’s been happening…

It’s always been the endevour to represent a wide range of musical genres and styles with this Blog, it was never designed just to be a selling tool for mandersmedia. Pop, Rock, Classical and Jazz is represented but it was felt that other musics (eg. World, Folk, Country, Blues etc), could be better represented; enter in the Songlines Blog! Songlines’ strapline is ‘discover a world of music’, covering World Music amongst other genres, you will find a wide variery of genres coming covered by this Blog.

In addition, the latest from Record Store Day UK News (courtesy of feedity) has also been added for all the music enthusiasts, this joins the Cassette Store Day UK Blog.


Ted Heath looking after the Barry White box set available through mandersmedia…

Every Vinyl Record sold at mandersmedia gets professionally cleaned before dispach, this washes off the dust and dirt along with the vacuum process which removes all of this to minimise the surface noise. Don’t forget, fresh inner and outer sleeves can be purchased along with your Vinyl, Cassette, CD or Shellac, see Sellers Shipping Information to order.


The Vinyl cleaning service from mandersmeda (Pro-Ject VCS)…

mandersmedia Blog is now viewed in 21 countries and rising, thanks – as always – for your support, it is very much appreciated.

Other developments to the Blog in the past week include more sharing options (with others available under the ‘more’ option), using original buttons which also include E-Mail and Print options, and native Blog titles; for making it even easier to instantly recognise where the Blog/News etc. has come from.

For the first time at mandersmedia, there’s a small selection for CDs now available which will be expanded over time.


Don’t forget to look for the Friday Price Reductions which will appear about an hour after this Blog…

That’s it for this week, as always, your thoughts and feedback are valued.


Price reductions Friday at mandersmedia

Welcome to price reductions Friday at mandersmedia. Where there are price reductions, these will be done on Friday in time for the weekend…

Spandau Ballet – The Singles Collection (Chrysalis) 2xLP, Comp was £5.47, now £4.12

Bay City Rollers – Once Upon A Star (Bell Records) LP, Album was £1.26, now £1.00

Vaughan Williams* – Academy Of St. Martin-in-the-Fields*, Neville Marriner* – Vaughan Williams Concert (Argo (2), Argo (2)) LP, Album was £6.65, now £5.26

Handel* – King’s College Choir, Cambridge* With James Bowman (2), Robert Tear, Benjamin Luxon And The Academy Of St. Martin-in-the-Fields*, David Willcocks – Messiah (His Master’s Voice, His Master’s Voice, His Master’s Voice, His Master’s Voice) 3xLP + Box was £18.01, now £10.00

The Kids From Fame – The Kids From Fame Again (RCA, RCA) LP was £0.91, now £0.72




The week at mandersmedia; new Thorens turntable, Cassette Blog, Paper Cutter, viewed in 16 countries, Price Reductions…

20170126_085143So, as blogged previously, this is the new turntable used for listening and Play Grading (a service offered at mandersmedia), it has three speeds (33, 45, 78) so can Play Grade practically all Vinyl and most Shellac. It had 4 stars when reviewed in HiFi Choice in 2016 and well regarded. Can you work out what’s playing? Thanks to Robbie at Audio Oasis, Fordingbridge for great service.


There was an interesting article earlier on in the week on the Discogs blog in relation to Cassettes; take a look at Cassette Sales Continue to Grow… How?! This showed Cassette sales were up 74% in 2016 to 2015, there are nearly 250 Cassettes available – both albums and singles – from the mandersmedia shop, why not take a look and see if there’s something you fancy?

Another new addition to mandersmedia is Paul the Paper Cutter (see below), named after the first item sold (The Jam – Sound Affects) he is a welcome addition and will, I’m sure, give good service!


Many thanks to all those that are viewing this Blog, it have now gone up to 16 countries viewing it, it’s fantastic to be getting all your support.

Would you like to see what mandersmedia has in your Discogs ‘Items I Want’ list? If you select, this will take you straight to this list and show you.


Watch out for the Price Reductions tomorrow…

As always, you feedback is really beneficial, what do you think of this new style roundup?


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