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LowEnd91 Dublab Record Fair: Top 10 ’80s Pop Artists by Bianca Lexis

Discogs is proud to sponsor the annual dublab Record Fair on Saturday, April 27! In anticipation of the event, DJ and program host Bianca Lexis shared this list of her top 10 introspective ’80s albums.

Dublab is an independent, non-profit internet radio station. This event is part of their spring membership drive. There will be thousands of records, DJs spinning all day, and brunch and drinks will be available for purchase. The dublab Record Fair goes down at Zebulon in Los Angeles from 11 a.m. until 5 p.m.

“If you love sulking music from the ’80s as much as I do,” Bianca says, “then you’re going to love this list! It’s a list of my top 10 introspective albums from 1980s pop artists – mainly just LPs I would listen to from start to finish when I was going through a particularly rough time. I hope they can help others, too.”

dublab Record Fair 2019

Bianca Lexis: Dublab | Instagram
dublab: Discogs | Official | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

Bianca Lexis’ monthly dublab show, Happy Hour, airs the fourth Tuesday of the month from 10 a.m. to 12 p.m.

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nickhas Happy 4/20! Here’s The Ultimate Stoner Album List

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Yes, this is a 4/20 post — so cliche, so overdone, so unnecessary. But what do you know? You’re probably high af right now anyway. Today is a day for you, our stoners friends, and I care about what you want, so I compiled a list of stoner albums just for you.

Now I’ll confess, I’m not the guy to ask when it comes to stoner lists. I’ve tried enough, but it didn’t take. It’s my character flaw, not yours and I’ll own it (and my boss is reading this…). Don’t let me drag you down, man.

You know who is a stoner and knows a lot of things thoguh? The Internet, that’s who. Oh, don’t deny it, Internet, I know what you are. You can’t make a stoner album list without consulting the Internet. Clearly, with the help of my friend Google (haha, Google, that’s a funny name), I wasn’t wrong. You delivered lists upon lists upon lists upon lists, Internet! “Top 8,” “top 25”, “top 40,” and so on of albums meant for stoners across the globe.

Are they albums to get stoned to? Albums by stoners? Albums with stoner artwork? Like, I don’t know, man. Who cares? You’re the toker-in-chief, I’ll leave that up to you.

View the list: Blaze up with these 100 Stonerific albums for all your 4/20 needs.

Fine print: This list can only be legally consumed by residents of Washington, Oregon, Alaska, California, Nevada, Michigan, Colorado, Massachusetts, Vermont, Maine, and DC. Some of you need to consult your physician first. The rest of you, well, just keep “reading” anyway. That’s what you’ve already been doing for decades, right?

About the list

Total lists used to make one giant list: seven

Why seven, you ask? Why not eight or nine? Because. That’s why! We broke down to bring you the stoner album list to end all stoner album lists. Don’t question it, dude. Here are the lists we used:

Number of albums with more than one appearance: 13

  • These are the first 13 on the linked list. Surprise! Dark Side of the Moon tops the list with four separate appearances.

Number of artists with more than one album: six

And an honorable mention to Method Man, with a solo and group (via Wu-Tang) appearance.

Genre Breakdown

Let’s do this one in chart form and let’s use a weird, hard to understand graph because you’re probably high right now and I’m just being mean-spirited.

Total Entries by Genre

This adds up to more than the sum of the list not because I’m stoned right now, but because many albums appear in more than one genre of the Discogs database.

Decade Of Release

By the way, this is probably definitive proof that millennials do all the internet lists.

Entries vs. Decade

Celebrate 4/20 right. Get comfy, smoke a bowl and listen to some sweet tunes. Check out stoner rock albums on Discogs! (BYO weed)

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LowEnd91 Discogs Mix 81 – Pau Roca

Pau Roca has risen as the new “house master” of Barcelona, as described in a review of the Sónar festival.

He has been playing regularly at such festivals as Mutek, Sónar, Brunch In the Park, DGTL, and BAM. As head of  the vinyl-only Bons Records, he released records by likes of Doc L. Junior, Philou Louzolo, and Michael & Jackson. His sets run the gamut of musical history without any complexes or prejudices, paying homage to disco, boogie, and above all, American-influenced house music at his Libido parties at Nitsa Club. After 11 years, these parties have become truly mandatory for any lover of dance music in Barcelona, and has hosted Amp Fiddler, Dan Shake, Jovonn, and Jeremy Underground amongst many others. As a producer, Pau Roca had a surprise hit in 2016 with Garvey City, a track included in the first release of the enigmatic Black Money label. In 2018 he released a solo EP which includes four edits/reworks on Los Angeles’ Pleasure Of Love label.

On this podcast I tried to mix some club focused releases that have been in and out of my record bag in the past months. As I love to do in my DJ sets, I’ve selected some records (mostly house music) that I’ve bought recently and also some old records that are equally incredible. You’ll find Sotofett doing what he does best, a nice pearl (and cheap record!) made by Osunlade, and also the Wheel one which is one of my all-time secret weapons. I used two old MK2 Technics and my E&S DJR 400 mixer, and as you’ll see you can find all records on Discogs for a reasonable price. Hope you enjoy it!

Pau Roca Mix Tracklist:

1. Dj Sotofett & LNS – Jugando Con Fuego (Club Mix)
2. The Attendants – Star Gazing
3. Papeete Sun – Life
4. Dreamscape – New Age
5. Nature Boy – On Fire (Piano Version)
6. Osunlade – Rader Du
7. Nu Era – You In The Strobe Light
8. Donna Black – Find Sum In U (Chez Damier & Ron Trent Vocal Mix)
9. Telephones – Aquatrak (Fm Am Mix)
10. Telephones – Tonya vs Nancy
11. House Of Blue ‎– Oblique (Blue Mix)
12. Omar S featuring Simon Black – The Freaky Type
13. Dos Ritmos – High Volta
14. ##### – #####.1

Pau Roca: Discogs | SoundCloud | Facebook | Instagram

Did you enjoy this mix? Check out more exclusive Discogs Mixes.

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Discogs Staff True Colors: What You Should Know About Black vs. Colored Vinyl

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“@context”: “”,
“@type”: “blogPosting”,
“mainEntityOfPage”: “”,
“headline”: “True Colors: Differences Between Black and Colored Vinyl”,
“author”: “Discogs Staff”,
“datePublished”: “2016-01-11”,
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For decades, colored vinyl was looked upon as some open joke. A way that record companies could charge more while distancing themselves from what many music lovers demanded from their records: high-quality sound. Almost without exception, a colored vinyl disc would play with much more noise and hiss compared to their black counterparts. Well, those times have certainly changed. As we enjoy the non-stop upward momentum of the vinyl boom, it’s clear more and more people demand colors that pop and even glow from our turntables.

glow in the dark vinyl of Ghostbusters soundtrack

Does The Color Of A Vinyl Record Affect Sound Quality?

If you’re looking for the short version of whether colored vinyl is worse you can walk away with this – vinyl record production has come a long way in the last 20 years and most modern colored vinyl is on par with black pressings. Sure, there are exceptions to the rule. And, yes, picture discs are still more prone to be problematic, at least regarding playback durability. But that shouldn’t deter you from purchasing a new record just because it is not black.

Other steps in the vinyl-record production process, such as mastering and a pressing plant’s quality control standards, have a more substantial impact on playback. When in doubt about a pressing’s quality, check out the Reviews section on it’s Discogs release page. Chances are, other collectors have listened to the pressing and can provide a sneak peek into the quality.

good review of a Sza Ctrl translucent green pressing on Discogs

How Colored Vinyl Records Are Made

All vinyl records are made of PVC, which is naturally colorless. To turn this clear material into a solid color, titanium dioxide and other additives are mixed in. To make the standard black vinyl color, black carbon is added, which strengthens the PVC mix. To make any other color, dyes are used instead of black carbon. These dyes do not strengthen the vinyl in the same way as black carbon, but the difference is negligible unless mistakes are made in the production process.

black vinyl pellets

Black vinyl pellets at Cascade Record Pressing

A few exceptions exist; clear vinyl, picture discs and glow-in-the-dark pressings. Very few additives can be mixed into clear vinyl without jeopardizing the opacity, which means there is a potential for worse sound quality, albeit this drop is often imperceptible to the common listener.

Clear record examples

Picture Discs are a different story. They are typically made of 3 layers. The first layer is a clear record with no music, the second is the picture layer, and the third is a clear plastic sheet that contains the grooves. This final thin and malleable plastic layer is not as durable as regular records, which can negatively affect both the playback and long-term durability.

examples of picture discs

A word of caution for those glow-in-the-dark records too: According to Pirate Press, “Glow-In-The-Dark pigments unfortunately deteriorate the acoustic properties of the recording and do often cause increased surface noise.”

Are Colored Records Worth More Money?

The process of pressing a multi-colored vinyl adds about a dollar to the production cost, so from a material perspective, yes, colored vinyl records are worth more. But, of course, that’s only part of the story. The real cost differences come from colored releases often being pressed in limited batches. This drives down supply while increasing demand, leading to higher market costs.

Let’s also call out the elephant in the room. For many collectors, vinyl records are collectible items, with more colorful pressings often increasing the aesthetic appeal. Clever minds have ingeniously paired colors with the vibe of the record. Check 👏 out 👏 any 👏 of 👏 these 👏 releases for examples of pressings that were thoughtfully chosen to match their music or album art.

We know in some cases that the colored variants are worth less simply because the black versions are fewer in number — see Aphex Twin’s Selected Ambient Works II for evidence. But this seems to be an exception from the rule. If an album comes out on colored wax, you can almost be certain that it will be more sought after in the future.

Any way you cut it, many collectors will seek out the wacky colored variant without exception. And colored vinyl has reached near ubiquitous levels. For instance, a cursory glance at Oddisee’s discography reveals a full embrace – with nearly every album having at least one colored release, many of which happen to be first-pressings. This would have been unfathomable just twenty years ago.

Let’s take a look at some examples of how a color record can affect the desirability and price of an album:

Example 1: Nirvana – Nevermind

Nevermind has been repressed on vinyl more than 145 times over the years, and among the many pressings there are a smattering of colors, gatefolds, tri-folds, billfolds, and probably skin-folds as enticements to throw down money and hear this album once again on a shiny new piece of wax.

Universal Music Group released it back in 2009 on black wax, and the median sale price is around $55. However, going over to it’s blue-translucent colored counterpart, the exact same release has a median price of $150.

Nirvana Nevermind pressed on a blue-translucenct vinyl record

The $150 price tag far exceeds what would be expected in a batch of 4,000 black-colored copies. The album has been released a number of times after this pressing, and even the later four-disc deluxe set on black wax sells for a third of this price.

Example 2: The Clash – The Clash (White Riot / Protex Blue)

The Clash colored vinyl

Going the opposite way of the financial spectrum, we have 2015’s Record Store Day release of The Clash’s first album. First off, did we need this repress? Is it really that hard to locate one of the existing 90+ vinyl pressings of The Clash? The median price of $35 on this colored press seems to answer these questions with a defiant “nope”.

With original pressings being relatively easy to find and affordable, this release showcases how badly record companies overthink the success of RSD, a common complaint which we recently explored.

Example 3: Alex North – 2001 A Space Odyssey Soundtrack

A fine example of unbridled financial hysteria is in the case of the recent Mondo repress of the 2001 soundtrack by Alex North. The black vinyl median price is $20, and while it costs this much to buy new, this is a reasonable price to pay.

However, you then have the “randomly inserted” colored vinyl version with a median price of $90, complete with deep and hazy shades as if you were journeying down the wormhole with Dave himself, Hal 9000 echoing in your soul, and chattering in your ear.

randomly inserted colored copy of space odyssey soundtrack on vinyl

So what is it about this one that holds people’s attention? There is scarcity involved with 2001 copies being pressed, but similar to the Nevermind release, that really isn’t few enough to justify the cost. Is it the idea that the colored variants are “randomly inserted”, and the excitement of actually popping one open and finding the colored wax is like discovering a Wonka Golden Ticket? It’s a well-thought color choice and it’s easy to see why collectors would want it.

These are just a few examples — show us your choices!

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Diognes_The_Fox The Discogs Top 50 Best Selling Records Of February 2019

Greetings fellow humans. Reporting live from the Dutch office where I’m licking my proverbial wounds from the Utrecht record fair all weekend which I’ll blab about in a later post. In the meantime, once again back with another list of things you should have bought had you known about the real top 50. What was big in February? A lot. There’s all sorts of cool stuff here to the point that it’s making me wonder if the script I wrote is broken or not. Scoop that Robert Ashley record, it’s good!

Killing Joke - Killing Joke

#1 – Killing Joke – Killing Joke

2xLP, Album, Ltd, Num, RE, Yellow & Orange Mixed

The Specials - Encore

#3 – The Specials – Encore

LP, Album, Ltd, White, Embossed

Talk Talk - Spirit Of Eden

#6 – Talk Talk – Spirit Of Eden

LP, Album, RE, 180 + DVD-V, Album, RE, NTSC

Portishead - Dummy

#12 – Portishead – Dummy

LP, Album, RE, 180

Queen - A Night At The Opera

#14 – Queen – A Night At The Opera

LP, Album, Embossed Cover

Trance Wax - Trance Wax Five

#22 – Trance Wax – Trance Wax Five

12″, Ltd, Num, W/Lbl, Orange

Marvin Gaye - What's Going On

#23 – Marvin Gaye – What’s Going On

2×12″, Album, Ltd, Num, RE, 180 + Box

Tool (2) - Lateralus

#32 – Tool (2) – Lateralus

2xLP, Album, Ltd, Pic, RE, 180

Klaatu - Klaatu

#43 – Klaatu – Klaatu

LP, Album, Winchester Pressing

Michael Jackson - Thriller

#44 – Michael Jackson – Thriller

LP, Album, Pitman Pressing

Queen - Greatest Hits

#49 – Queen – Greatest Hits

LP, Comp, No Barcode, Rounded Inner Sleeve

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LowEnd91 Dublab Record Fair: Daddy Differently on Record People

Discogs is happy to support the annual dublab Record Fair on Saturday, April 27th, 2019! Leading up the event, dublab program host Daddy Differently regales us with some tales about record collecting and the characters you encounter along the way

Dublab is an independent, non-profit internet radio station. This event is part of their spring membership drive. There will be thousands of records, DJs spinning all day, and brunch and drinks will be available for purchase. The dublab Record Fair goes down at Zebulon Café Concert in Los Angeles from 11am until 5pm.

dublab Record Fair 2019

Check out these hilarious stories Daddy Differently has experienced below!

One of the side effects of being a record collector is the characters that you run into along the way.

Whether it’s a little record shop, Craigslist ad or the oft-mega fair, you will find wackos or become one yourself. This is the one thing that buying through the internet lacks, some real-life human interactions.  Here is a list of top five memorable characters I have met through the madness that is record collecting.

Most of my travels revolve around in some way or another the coveted hard-to-find record.

Whilst in Greece, I met a man who knew a man who knew another man who could get me pristine copies of Blue Gas – Shadows From Nowhere (1984). I was told to meet this man at Syntagma Square, the central square where the Greek Parliament building is. Here was a man in an overcoat and sunglasses handing me several copies in an unmarked bag as I exchange my envelope of Euros. Never had I felt more like a spy meeting a random stranger in a strange land.

In a record shop in a Southwest desert which will remain nameless, I came across a store which hadn’t been sifted through in ages.

I was finding heated gem after heated gem! With both arms full of records, I came to the counter with my finds…but no one is in the shop! I wait a good 25 minutes, and no one. Finally a crotchety old man in some ’80s bomber jacket looking like a gangster comes up mean as hell. He looks at the two piles that I had made on the counter, slaps one pile with each hand and says, “This here pile is $1800 and this ‘un is $2000!” An argument ensues and I leave with my tail between my legs and without a single single. I wonder what I left behind to this day.

Reina del Barrio I met thru Craigslist.

Reina del Barrio was and is a drag queen who was left with many peoples collections over the years. Most he said were from friends who had fallen ill to HIV/AIDS. He had listed some records on Craigslist that I recognized via Daniele Baldelli’s Cosmic Tapes. What was initially supposed to be a one-shot done-deal transaction turned into a series of visits. On each successive visit I found myself buttering him up with chilled white wine and the occasional Midori that he insisted I bring in order for him to “release” his records to me. The things we do for records.

Record fairs have their over share of quack-freaks and whack-a-doos.

It is after all a sort of reunion of the cranks, and The Austin Record Convention ain’t short on ‘em. The first fair I went to was one of the best. I was finding records I never imagined finding in their wild state; private press follies, beyond rare 12″s, and mirror-like copies of the classics. Now enter Cat Piss Man, table 102. In my amateur MD opinion he hadn’t been able to smell for quite some time. Everyone I saw kept walking past this guy. But I braved the wafts and came out on top with a couple chuggers. Although, I had to keep those records I found separated from the rest of my collection for a good two years until the smell let up.

On another Craigslist hunch, I found myself in a parking lot in Porter Ranch deep in the San Fernando Valley parked next to a nondescript white van.

Inside this van were records that I still own and play to this day. Also in the van was a man I’ll call Mike C,  a former army brat turned leather Italo meth monster. Never have I ever had to keep my face so calm. I either thought I would be turned into some leather love slave riding the streets of the Valley forever in this white van or be overcharged on some of the ones I had wanted. I walked away, and we’ve been friends ever since!

Daddy Differently: Discogs | dublab | Facebook
dublab: Discogs | Official | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

Daddy Differently (aka Spencer Velasquez) weekly show Things of Life airs every Friday on dublab from 10 am to 12 pm PST. Daddy Differently will be selling records at the dublab Record Fair on April 27th, 2019 at Zebulon Café Concert in Los Angeles.

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SoLil Independent Label Market Brussels 2019 Is Back

In the weekend of April 20 and 21, we’ll be heading to Brussels, Belgium to celebrate independent music at the second edition of the Independent Label Market Brussels! After the success of the first edition last year (almost 2,000 visitors!), this year they’re teaming up with Listen Festival as part of the Sound District – an area entirely dedicated to music nested in the beautiful Halles de Saint-Géry, in the very heart of Brussels. We’re looking forward to seeing you there!

What To Expect At Independent Label Market Brussels:

  • Discover new music with over 30 labels present
  • Get your hands on indie releases, exclusives, collector’s items and rarities in a wide variety of musical styles at the record fair
  • Meet and great artists, musicians and DJs during signing sessions, showcases, and radio live stream programs
  • Workshops and master classes by Poppunt, Court Circuit, and SAE
  • Live radio broadcasts from the Sound District by Kiosk Radio, with live streams on Red Light Radio, Dublab, Lyl Radio & Le Mellotron.
  • Turnlab showcases newest trends in music production with Gear & Synth Fair
  • Bar, food, and DJ sets all weekend
  • Several after parties in the city with labels participating in ILM
  • Loads more!

Check here for more information!

Indepent Label Market Brussels 2019

Interested in joining the passionate community of music lovers at Discogs? Sign up for an account to track your Collection, start a Wantlist, and shop for thousands of music releases in the Marketplace!

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Discogs Staff Tom Morello Discusses His Atlas Underground Influences

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Late last year, Tom Morello released The Atlas Underground, an album he referred to at the time as a “sonic conspiracy” featuring a disparate assembly of artists like GZA, Gary Clark Jr., Steve AokiPretty Lights, K. Flay, and so many more. Ahead of an upcoming tour, Morello decided to double down on this blueprint with a new track featuring a repeat performance from Clark and some magic Underground newcomer Gramatik called Can’t Stop The Bleeding.

With all the buzz around the song and the tour, the Rage Against The Machine guitar virtuoso was gracious enough to give us a little insight into The Atlas Underground through five key records.

Until I discovered Knife Party, I was very suspect about the entire EDM genre, but Knife Party bring it as hard as Rage Against The Machine or any of my favorite metal.

The aggression, the funkiness, and the incredible tension and release reminded me of RATM’s Bullet In The Head and Freedom period. I thought, “What if I replace the synthesizers with guitars? I might be on to something brand new.”

The thought of The Atlas Underground was to create a sound that is “The Hendrix Of Now.” I hope that this album serves as a Trojan Horse for electric guitar, inflicting my guitar vision on a new generation.

Having RZA and GZA together on my Lead Poisoning track was a dream come true. On this album, we are telling “social justice ghost stories” and their historic flow was indispensable.

The Atlas Underground features 20 guest collaborators from Bassnectar to Gary Clark Jr. to Marcus Mumford to K.Flay. In a way, it’s like the underground, terrifying, EDM, metal version of Santana’s Supernatural. Plus, both feature ample shredding.

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NeahkahnieGold Record Store Day Releases Worth A Fortune

h3 {
padding-left: 0px !important;

Love it or leave it, Record Store Day has undoubtedly become a cultural phenomenon. Hardcore collectors and casual enthusiasts alike get an opportunity to dig for hard to come by and potentially lucrative limited-edition records. Though many releases are ‘limited’, they are often printed in the thousands of copies, which tends to inhibit large increases in value. However, there are a few rare Record Store Day releases that have increased astronomically in price and are now worth a small fortune. Some are due to being secret small-batch Easter eggs, many due to high demand, others almost unexplainably so.

Granted, some of you might not agree with my classification of a fortune, but the last time this collector dropped more than $200 on a release was never, and not from lack of wanting. Also, side note on my methodology; it was haphazard and I may have missed some expensive Record Store Day releases – feel free to help me out in the comments. However, I did take the liberty of excluding Black Friday Record Store Day releases and Record Store Day test pressings. Guess that makes me somewhat of a purist.

With all that being said, let’s take a peek at some of the most expensive Record Store Day releases, as measured by their median sale value on the Discogs Marketplace. Many of these high-priced Record Store Day releases are currently on sale for much more than the median on the Discogs Marketplace, indicating that they can and will continue to go up in value. For those that have yet to be sold on Discogs, I have listed the lowest current for sale price in the Discogs Marketplace.

Boards Of Canada ‎– ------ / ------ / ------ / XXXXXX / ------ / ------

Boards Of Canada ‎– —— / —— / —— / XXXXXX / —— / ——

Median Sale Price: $2,500.00
RSD 2013
Notes: A rare promotional record with only 4 copies claimed of 6 known to be in existence. These were secretly placed in the racks of Other Music (RIP) in NYC and other stores on Record Store Day 2013.

PM ‎– Sweet Thrash album cover

PM* ‎– Sweet Thrash

Median Sale Price: $938.60
RSD 2015
Notes: Paul McCartney self-released and signed this secret easter egg. The first wave of records appeared in select shops in the UK on April 6-7, 2015. A handful of shops in the US received a single copy and were instructed to not advertise it or include it with the rest of the RSD releases, but to hide it under the Paul McCartney section on Record Store Day. Each side contains a different unreleased alternate mix of “Hope For The Future”. Limited to 100 copies worldwide.

Cake ‎– Vinyl Box Set

Cake ‎– Vinyl Box Set

Median Sale Price: $631.38
RSD 2014
Notes: This impressive collection of 8 records was slated for release during RSD 2013, then delayed to RSD 2014. The Cake Vinyl Box Set was released in a limited batch of 900 copies, with additional copies made available the following week via the Cake web store. This is the highest-priced box set in the list, but as a rule of thumb, box sets tend to retain or gain value more reliably than single releases.

David Bowie ‎– Starman

David Bowie ‎– Starman

Median Sale Price: $380.91
RSD 2012
Notes: Heads up – this isn’t the last David Bowie picture disc you’re going to see on this list. The RSD 2012 release of David Bowie’s Starman was limited to 2,000 copies worldwide.

(The) Melvins* ‎– (A) Senile Animal

(The) Melvins* ‎– (A) Senile Animal

Median Sale Price: $350.00
RSD 2010
Notes: The very rare orange version of this original box set was limited to 35 copies. Sold in store and online by Vacation Vinyl in Los Angeles, CA (edit: they are not closed as I previously stated, just moved spaces. Thanks for the tip WalterYetman). Each box is hand numbered, -1 to -35, contains a belt buckle and ‘Your Disease Spread Quick’ comic book signed, numbered and doodled by Tom Neely.

Captain Murphy ‎– Duality

Captain Murphy ‎– Duality

Median Sale Price: $309.29
RSD 2013
Notes: This one is a stretch, as it was primarily distributed via an online flash sale, but they did release 100 into the wild on Record Store Day 2013 so it’s squeaking on to this list. Duality a killer album by Flying Lotus’s moniker Captain Murphy that is unlikely to ever be officially released again due to the amount of controversial, hard to credit, samples on the album. There are allegedly 1,000 copies of the Duality vinyl worldwide.

LCD Soundsystem ‎– The Long Goodbye: LCD Soundsystem Live At Madison Square Garden

LCD Soundsystem ‎– The Long Goodbye: LCD Soundsystem Live At Madison Square Garden

Median Sale Price: $237.50
RSD 2014
Notes: Remember when LCD Soundsystem claimed they were retiring? Yeah, us too. Murphy left us with this recording of his ‘final’ concert at Madison Square Garden. 3+ hours of pure LCD Soundsytem gold, mixed by the man himself, limited to just 3,000 copies.

David Bowie ‎– 1984

David Bowie ‎– 1984

Median Sale Price: $236.62
RSD 2014
Notes: Heed my words – people love David Bowie picture discs. This causes them to skyrocket in value, according to that one economics class I took. Something about high demand and a limited supply of 4,000 copies causes this Record Store Day release to be worth more than $200 on the Discogs Marketplace.

Jack White ‎– Sixteen Saltines

Jack White ‎– Sixteen Saltines

Median Sale Price: $230.00
RSD 2012
Notes: Sold exclusively at Third Man Records store and Rolling Record store on Record Store Day 2012.

Red Hot Chili Peppers ‎– Stadium Arcadium

Red Hot Chili Peppers ‎– Stadium Arcadium

Median Sale Price: $200.00
RSD 2012
Notes: Record Store Day 2012 Reissue limited to 2,000 copies of the 2006 Red Hot Chili Peppers album, Stadium Arcadium. Interestingly enough, these are supposedly leftover copies of the original run, which, if true, is an ingenious marketing ploy that definitely worked.

This is not an exhaustive list by any means and we may have missed a few valuable Record Sale Day releases. If you have any to add, feel free to drop them in the comments. Grazi and happy hunting during Record Store Day 2019!

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