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The week at mandersmedia

Hi everyone and hope you’ve had a great week. There’s quite a bit going on here at mandersmedia…

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We’ve had a re-brand! Thanks to Perez Parrido for the new look, it’s a fantastic visual which we think more accurately represents mandersmedia as for some time now, we have been selling multiple formats and the old image really represented Vinyl Records. We like its dynamic, colourful but classic look with plenty of movement. Our logo has also changed to more accurately reflect our image moving forwards. The font here has also changed from an ornate to cleaner contemporary look. We hope you like it and we’re always interested to hear your feedback.

New ways to pay! We have just introduced new ways to pay at the shop on Discogs which include Paypal Credit (in GBP), Cashiers Cheque, Cheque, Money Order and Cash. We would like to offer as many options as possible to purchase to make it as convenient for you to buy your favourite music as possble.

We can play grade everything we sell! We’re very proud to be able to play grade everything we sell… Last week, we highlighted the Akai Open Reel and Akai 8 Track machines used for this, this time, it’s the Sony MDS-JE440 MiniDisc we highlight, this is a classic player from Sony and, in the future, MiniDiscs will become another format we will be selling.

Lots of Price reductions! Yesterday, there were around 100 price reductions through mandersmedia across the different formats, the Blog with them all on was published last night, it’s our biggest amount of price reductions for you! Every week, prices get reviewed to make sure they remain fair and competitive.

Did you know? James Brown holds the record for most US Hot 100 entries (ninety-nine) without ever scoring a number-one song. (thanks to

that’s everything for this week, if you’re a fan of CDs and Cassettes, keep your eyes on the shop on Discogs as there’s more being added this week…

until next time… thanks for all your support as always, John


The week at mandersmedia: reduced priced shipping; reduced price accessories; countries; price reductions

Hello, thanks for everyone reading this Blog about the happenings at mandersmedia, it’s a strong week for price reductions, read on…

cassette shipping now from £0.75 UK!

Firstly, some great news about shipping prices: the price of shipping cassettes has dropped from £1.20 to £0.75 for the first for Royal Mail Second Class, price reductions have also extended to First Class, Second and First Class Signed for in the UK, giving more oppotunity for you to grab a cassette at a lower price.



price reduced!

When  buying from mandermedia, make your way over to the ‘Seller’s Shipping Information’ and there’s an opportunity to buy various cases and covers for your purchase to keep them clean and protected, so in relation to that, some more great news for you, MORE PRICE REDUCTIONS! Protective 12″ sleeves for Vinyl Records are currently 50% OFF, reduced from £1.00 to £0.50 each! In addition, lined inner sleeves are 50% OFF from £0.50 to £0.25 each and 12″ LP frames are 25% OFF from £10.00 to £7.50 each. On top of this, CD cases are now available to purchase.



The Blog is viewed in 46 countries around the world, thanks as always for all your support and please spread the word if you like what you’re reading… send some feedback if there’s anything in particular you’d like to see featured…


grab a price reduction!

By the time you read this, the price reductions would have been published, hopefully there’s something there of interest or a gem you’ve been waiting for at the right price.



That’s it for this week, please feedback about what you think of this Blog and this post, what would you like to see? If you like what you see, please spread the word and don’t forget to visit

Ionarts Dip Your Ears, No. 216 (A Scarlatti-Haydn Romance)

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